Into the Spider-Verse: a lesson Lucasfilm could learn from?

Video | Simon Brew | 25.04.19
As Avengers: Endgame launches this week, Dan looks at the superhero epic that, against all odds, stole the crown from Infinity War last year, examining how Lucasfilm could have gotten much more out of Solo if they’d handled Spider-verse creators, Miller & Lord, in a different manner

Changing times: working on a film set

Feature | Film Stories | 25.04.19
The realities of working on a film set? A social life isn’t likely to be an optional extra

Our Film Story: Let’s talk about Custard

Feature | Film Stories | 24.04.19
Kate McCoid takes us through her first short film, and the long journey to SXSW

Win tickets to the UK fan premiere of Tolkien in London!

News | Simon Brew | 23.04.19
Come along to the fan premiere of London on Monday 29th April: enter to win tickets here

The Acting Your Age campaign, and how it’s addressing the lack of quality roles for middle-aged women

Feature | Film Stories | 23.04.19
A new campaign seeks to shine fresh light on the lack of middle-aged women in the movies

Should film directors read your angry tweets?

Feature | Film Stories | 21.04.19
Social media allows the audience to give ‘feedback’ to filmmakers – we look at how they should react

Gravity: British film or not?

Video | Simon Brew | 19.04.19
This week, Dan looks back at the conversation surrounding Gravity’s BAFTA win for Outstanding British film in 2014

Motion capture in the North West

Feature | Film Stories | 17.04.19
Anghenfil is a new motion capture production being made in England – and we’ve caught up with the man behind it

Mid90s review

Review | Film Stories | 17.04.19
Jonah Hill’s directorial debut is something really rather special – and here’s our review of Mid90s