Films to watch on BBC iPlayer right now (and when they’re leaving the service)

News | Em McGowan | 30.03.20
Who needs Netflix and Prime? Turns out that BBC iPlayer has a terrific collection of films to watch – here’s our fully updated list
Sue Kroll

The Woman Who Powered Warner Bros’ Marketing Revolution

Feature | Film Stories | 30.03.20
Sue Kroll isn’t a household name, but her work has had real influence on the movie world over the past decade or two… Simon Brew (@simonbrew) In the summer of 2009, filmmaker Kevin Smith was in the midst of tackling his first and only venture into big studio filmmaking

Mark Kermode’s Secrets Of Cinema: first series returning

News | Simon Brew | 30.03.20
The first series of Secrets Of Cinema will be getting a BBC Four repeat, and a return to BBC iPlayer
help the Wolverhamption Light House Cinema

The Netflix binge to help the Wolverhampton Light House cinema

News | Darryl Griffiths | 30.03.20
Darryl Griffiths is doing a sponsored binge of movies, and explains how you can help the Wolverhampton Light House cinema right here
Space Jam 2

Space Jam 2 filming uninterrupted, on course for 2021

News | Simon Brew | 30.03.20
If you were wondering when Space Jam 2 is due in cinemas, Lebron James has confirmed that the sequel is staying on course for next year
The Justice League

The lost Justice League movie set to get a documentary

News | Simon Brew | 30.03.20
The tale of George Miller’s abandoned Justice League film is set to be told in a new movie
Dragon's Lair will become a movie starring Ryan Reynolds

Dragon’s Lair movie on the way, Ryan Reynolds starring

News | Simon Brew | 30.03.20
The Dragon’s Lair videogames are set to become a Netflix movie starring the Deadpool actor
Anna Smith, host of the Girls of Film Isolation Pod

Girls On Film launches ‘isolation pods’, first available now

News | Simon Brew | 30.03.20
The latest Girls On Film ‘Isolation Pod’ brings together some superb guests to dissect the current state of movies

Calendar of films now getting an early UK digital release

News | Simon Brew | 30.03.20
Here are the films that we know of getting an early video on demand release in the UK – and when to expect them

The forgotten film role of Romesh Ranganathan

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
The little-known story of how Romesh Ranganathan turned up in an independent German horror movie

Disney+ and its pipeline problem

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
With Disney+ now up and running in the UK, there’s plenty of stuff available to watch – but worries over how much is coming down the line soon

Film Stories: an update on our current situation

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
Here’s our we’re going to be trying to keep Film Stories going in its many forms in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown

National Theatre cinema screenings heading to YouTube

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
The National Theatre’s cinema screenings programme is heading to homes, starting with One Man, Two Guvnors

Jojo Rabbit: UK DVD and download details

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
The Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit is confirmed for disc release in the UK in May, with a slightly earlier digital release

Mad Max 5: Anya Taylor-Joy on the casting wishlist

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
George Miller continues to prepare his new Mad Max film, which he plans to shoot in 2021

The Batman, The Matrix 4, Mission: Impossible 7 look set to be delayed

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
The knock-on as assorted blockbusters stop filming is clearly set to extend to next year’s blockbusters too

Nicolas Cage to star in revenge film about a pig

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
Pig will star Nicolas Cage, and it sounds like he’ll be in a bad mood

British movie podcast of the week: Projections Podcast

Feature | Em McGowan | 27.03.20
We continue to highlight a British independent movie podcast each week – and this week, it’s Projections

Vivarium review: a terrific sci-fi thriller

Review | Millicent Thomas | 27.03.20
Jesse Eisenberg, Imogen Poots and Jonathan Aris lead the excellent Vivarium, which is now available via digital on demand services

DVD & Blu-ray release dates confirmed: up to September 2020

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until September 2020

Military Wives now available on demand

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
Lionsgate has brought Military Wives to homes a lot earlier than planned, and it’s now available as a premium digital rental

Bloodshot is now available early on video on demand

News | Simon Brew | 27.03.20
Sony releases Bloodshot on demand, three weeks after the film launched in cinemas
What's good on Netflix

13 hidden gems to stream on Netflix UK right now

News | Scott Davis | 26.03.20
If you’re looking for something a little different on Netflix, then here’s a bunch of movie recommendations

Star Trek: Picard – a few thoughts ahead of the season 1 finale

News | Daryl Baxter | 26.03.20
A few spoiler-y thoughts on the first season of Star Trek: Picard as it heads towards its final episode

Patty Jenkins reflects on leaving Thor: The Dark World

News | Simon Brew | 26.03.20
How Patty Jenkins struggled with Thor: The Dark World, and opted to quit the project

The building of The Lighthouse’s lighthouse

News | Simon Brew | 26.03.20
A new video shines light on, well, the putting together of The Lighthouse’s lighthouse
The Perfect Candidate Review

The Perfect Candidate review: a charming, sensitive and important piece of work

Review | Charlotte Harrison | 26.03.20
Heading onto video on demand – after its cinema release had to be called off – is The Perfect Candidate, and here’s our review

Director Brian De Palma on turning down Mission: Impossible 2

News | Simon Brew | 26.03.20
Brian De Palma has been reflecting on his time making Mission: Impossible, and turning down the sequel

Netflix services go down under pressure of increased demand

News | Simon Brew | 26.03.20
As the service receives a surge in demand, Netflix for around an hour buckles under the strain

Scoob: new posters hit for new Scooby Doo origin story

News | Simon Brew | 26.03.20
Scooby Doo is getting big screen reboot in the shape of Scoob – and here’s a couple of new posters

Stuart Gordon: 1947-2020

News | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
Re-Animator and Fortress director Stuart Gordon has died

31 brilliant books about the movies

Feature | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
Looking for something to read? Here’s a whole bunch of film books we heartily recommend, and we’ll be adding to this list a lot in the coming weeks

Olivia Wilde sets her second film as director

News | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
Olivia Wilde will follow up Booksmart with Perfect – and it’s been snapped up in a $15m deal

Paramount announces digital release of four films in UK

News | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
Blue Story, Like A Boss and more are getting a digital release on April 13th from Paramount

In The Heights, Scoob!, Malignant delayed

News | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
Three more Warner Bros movies are postponed, with no new release dates yet announced

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants review: sex, BDSM, friendship, horror and heart

Review | Sarah Cook | 25.03.20
A very 18-rated film, and a very human one, here’s our review of Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

Wonder Woman 84 bows to the inevitable

News | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
Wonder Woman 84 moves its release back to August

Remembering the 80s UK TV classic, Cheggers Plays Pop

Feature | Simon Brew | 25.03.20
A much-loved 80s UK children’s TV hit, we take a look at the story behind Cheggers Plays Pop

Wellbeing Matters: The New Normal

Feature | Jane Roberts | 25.03.20
Our weekly wellbeing and mental health corner of the site – and we just wanted to have a chat about trying to get through the current situation in the world

Universal getting pushback for early Trolls World Tour release

News | Simon Brew | 24.03.20
Trolls World Tour goes straight to premium video on demand next month – and US cinema owners aren’t happy about it

The top 10 single set movies, for days locked in one room

Feature | Dan Peeke | 24.03.20
 There are some terrific films that utilise pretty much one single set for their drama – and here are our top ten choices

Soldier: Kurt Russell, a major injury, and an ornamental cabbage

News | Simon Brew | 24.03.20
Paul W S Anderson’s Soldier has links to Blade Runner and Event Horizon – but also was a movie that inspired a not-particularly-truthful press statement