John Hughes was working on sequel to The Breakfast Club before death

News | Dan Cooper | 25.10.21
Anthony Micheal Hall confirms that John Hughes had contacted him about The Breakfast Club 2 possibly happening

Sony is upping its Marvel movie output

News | Simon Brew | 25.10.21
With the new Venom film a huge box office smash, Sony is planning a lot more films in its Spider-Man cinematic universe

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy getting standalone 4K Blu-ray release

News | Simon Brew | 25.10.21
Sony is cutting the cost of its Spider-Man movies on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, with Sam Raimi’s original trilogy getting a fresh release next month

Netflix to make a feature film based on The Last Kingdom

News | Dan Cooper | 25.10.21
The popular historical drama The Last Kingdom is getting the movie treatment in addition to its upcoming fifth and final series

Ryan Gosling set for the Barbie movie

News | Dan Cooper | 25.10.21
Ryan Gosling is joining Margot Robbie in the upcoming Barbie movie, it’s been revealed: more on it here
Ultra HD Blu-ray logo

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray: upcoming UK releases and dates

News | Simon Brew | 25.10.21
As the format continues to slowly gain traction – here’s our regularly-updated list of upcoming 4K UK disc releases

DVD and Blu-ray release dates confirmed: up to March 2022

News | Simon Brew | 25.10.21
A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until March 2022 – here’s what’s arriving and when

The Addams Family originally had a different ending, until cast rebelled

News | Simon Brew | 22.10.21
Director Barry Sonnenfeld on how the first table read for 1991’s The Addams Family led to a cast backlash

Oliver Stone revisits JFK in JFK Revisted: first trailer

News | Simon Brew | 22.10.21
Oliver Stone revisits the assassination of John F Kennedy in a documentary follow-up to his 1991 opus, JFK

Film Quiz Friday: Good As Goldblum

News | Mark Harrison | 22.10.21
“It’s my birthdayyyyy!” This week’s film quiz includes questions on the movies of Jeff Goldblum, among the regular mix of cinematic trivia

Uncharted: the first trailer (finally) lands

News | Dan Cooper | 22.10.21
After a decade in development hell, the Uncharted movie is finally almost here, and now the trailer has arrived to prove it

Trailer: Michael Bay’s new film, Ambulance

News | Dan Cooper | 22.10.21
Catch the trailer for Michael Bay’s next outing ahead of the film’s February release: it’s Ambulance

Zac Efron and Russell Crowe to star in Peter Farrelly’s Beer Run

News | Dan Cooper | 22.10.21
Oscar-winning director Peter Farrelly will be returning to the buddy comedy genre for his first film since Green Book

Full trailer for Netflix’s Red Notice lands

News | Dan Cooper | 22.10.21
Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds headline Red Notice – and the final trailer for the film is here

British movie podcast of the week: Is Paul Dano OK?

Feature | Em McGowan | 22.10.21
The work of regularly beaten up actor Paul Dano is at the heart of our movie podcast recommendation of the week

Bella Thorne headlines Habit: trailer here

News | Simon Brew | 22.10.21
Incoming thriller Habit stars Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson – here’s the trailer for the movie

Quentin Tarantino offers thoughts on his ‘final’ film

News | Dan Cooper | 21.10.21
Quentin Tarantino is seemingly toying with new genres for his purported final movie

Michael Sheen, Nathalie Emmanuel headline Last Train To Christmas

News | Simon Brew | 21.10.21
Nathalie Emmanuel, Michael Sheen and Michael Sheen’s haircut star in upcoming festive movie Last Train To Christmas: more details

Stanley Kubrick boxset heads to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

News | Simon Brew | 21.10.21
Five Stanley Kubrick films are being brought together in a single 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray boxset – more information on the release right here

Emily Blunt joins Nolan’s Oppenheimer movie

News | Dan Cooper | 21.10.21
Emily Blunt will join Cillian Murphy in leading Christopher Nolan’s new film, that starts production early in 2022

New trailer arrives for Branagh’s Belfast

News | Dan Cooper | 21.10.21
Catch another glimpse of the acclaimed drama Belfast from Kenneth Branagh, ahead of its release in the UK early next year

The Real Charlie Chaplin: first trailer for new documentary

News | Simon Brew | 21.10.21
A documentary about the legendary Charlie Chaplin is heading our way next year, from the team behind Notes On Blindness

No Time To Die and the changing face of James Bond

News | Mark Harrison | 21.10.21
James Bond has changed actors before, but Daniel Craig’s finale is different: with spoilers, we look at previous send-offs and the future of 007
BBC iPlayer logo

Films to watch on BBC iPlayer right now (and when they’re leaving the service)

News | Em McGowan | 20.10.21
Who needs Netflix and Prime? Turns out that BBC iPlayer has a terrific collection of films to watch – here’s our fully updated list

Kevin Feige explains new delays to Marvel movies

News | Dan Cooper | 20.10.21
The Marvel head honcho has offered a little insight into why the entire 2022/23 MCU slate is being pushed backwards

Pirates: trailer released for Reggie Yates’ new film

News | Simon Brew | 20.10.21
Heading to cinemas next month is Pirates, from writer/director Reggie Yates – and the first trailer for the film has now landed

Dettori: new documentary set for November release, trailer

News | Simon Brew | 20.10.21
Jockey Frankie Dettori is set to tell his story in a new documentary film, that’s coming our way this November: more here

The secret origin of Scream’s Ghostface mask explored in new promo

News | Dan Cooper | 20.10.21
Surely such an iconic mask was dreamed up in a nightmare somewhere? The truth about Scream’s Ghostface is actually pretty ordinary

New Resident Evil featurette compares upcoming film to games

News | Dan Cooper | 20.10.21
The latest glimpse of the Resident Evil movie shows how the direct influence of the beloved game series will run through the film

Early press screenings, Eternals, spoilers, and basic manners

News | Simon Brew | 20.10.21
As online outlets drop spoilers for Marvel’s Eternals – even though it’s not out for two weeks – a plea to treat readers with a bit more fairness and respect

People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan heads to disc in November

News | Simon Brew | 20.10.21
The spin-off movie from the People Just Do Nothing TV show is heading to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK next month: more details here

Mental health and wellbeing matters: anxiety

Feature | Simon Brew | 20.10.21
In our regular spot where we chat about things that might be affecting us, a few words on anxiety, and some ideas that may help deal with it a little

George Lucas shares his original vision for the Star Wars sequel trilogy

News | Dan Cooper | 19.10.21
The Star Wars creator has been chatting about his plans for where Star Wars would have gone under his direction

History Of The World Part I to (finally) get a Part II

News | Simon Brew | 19.10.21
Mel Brooks’ History Of The World is set to continue, with Part II following Part I some 40 years later: more details here

Bring It On DVD boxset set for November (but without Bring It On)

News | Simon Brew | 19.10.21
Get four of the six Bring It On films in an upcoming disc set, that seems to be missing the Bring It On film people are likely to want the most
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones 5 delayed another year, Marvel slate shifts backwards

News | Dan Cooper | 19.10.21
Disney announces a host of postponements for its 2022 and 2023 schedule, from Indiana Jones to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – a fresh trailer lands

News | Clare Brunton | 19.10.21
Here’s the latest trailer for the new Ghostbusters film, that’s heading our way at last in November

Netflix launches trailer for The Lost Daughter

News | Dan Cooper | 19.10.21
The upcoming drama The Lost Daughter starring Olivia Colman marks Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut

The Last Duel: the final days of big-budget blockbuster drama in cinemas?

News | Dan Cooper | 19.10.21
With audiences deserting Ridley Scott’s historical drama, just how many more challenges can the non-franchise, star-powered drama, endure?

The forgotten reason why so many movies end with a disclaimer that everything is fictional

Feature | Sarah Philip | 19.10.21
Even the most far-fetched films now come with a disclaimer confirming it’s fictional – and there’s a legal reason for that

The Last Duel underperforms at box office despite strong critical showing

News | Dan Cooper | 18.10.21
Amidst strong competition, the historical drama The Last Duel from Ridley Scott seems to be lacking favour with audiences

Michael Caine assures the world he hasn’t retired from acting

News | Simon Brew | 18.10.21
On Friday, it seemed Michael Caine had retired from film acting – he’s now confirmed that he hasn’t