Frightfest 2019: Madness In The Method review

Review | Film Stories | 25.08.19
Jason Mewes directs and stars, and he brings Kevin Smith, Gina Carano and Vinnie Jones too – here’s our review of Madness In The Method

Frightfest 2019: I Trapped The Devil review

Review | Film Stories | 25.08.19
Good title, good premise – but can I Trapped The Devil live up to it? Here’s our review

Frightfest 2019: Sadistic Intentions review

Review | Film Stories | 25.08.19
A low budget horror thriller with some flaws, and a lot of talent

Frightfest 2019: Death Of A Vlogger review

Review | Film Stories | 25.08.19
One of the highlights of FrightFest 2019 has been Death Of A Vlogger – and here’s our review

Pulling The Hunt: an update from the director

Video | Simon Brew | 23.08.19
In this week’s episode, Dan looks at new news regarding The Hunt being pulled from release by Universal

FrightFest 2019: Come To Daddy review

Review | Simon Brew | 23.08.19
Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie and Michael Smiley headline FrightFest 2019 first night movie, Come To Daddy – and here’s our review

Scarborough: new film heading to cinemas, from Lady Macbeth producers – trailer and release details

News | Simon Brew | 23.08.19
Here’s the trailer for incoming British film Scarborough, and details of its September release

The Uncharted movie has lost yet another director

News | Simon Brew | 23.08.19
Tom Holland is still set to star in the Uncharted movie, but lord knows who’s going to direct it now

Entertainment One has been bought up by Hasbro

News | Simon Brew | 23.08.19
Peppa Pig is now owned by Hasbro, as Entertainment One is snapped up by the toy giant