Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 4K release confirmed for August

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
With Bill & Ted Face The Music heading to cinemas, their first Excellent Adventure is getting a 4K remaster and re-release in August

Ennio Morricone dies, aged 91

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
Ennio Morricone, the composer of some of cinema’s most iconic film scores, has passed away his family have announced

del Toro still keen to make At The Mountains Of Madness

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
Guillermo del Toro has been chatting about his planned big screen take on H P Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness – and he’s not giving up

Waiting For Guffman finally getting UK Blu-ray release

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
Eugene Levy, Christopher Guest and Catherine O’Hara star in a comedy treat that’s finally making it to Blu-ray in the UK – more details here

Inheritance review – a new thriller starring Lily Collins and Simon Pegg

Review | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
Lily Collins and Simon Pegg headline the thriller Inheritance, that’s now available on demand – and here’s our review of the movie

Stage Mother: cinema release confirmed for feel-good comedy drama

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
With a nod to Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Stage Mother heads to UK cinemas at the end of this month – and here’s the trailer for the film

Crocodile Dundee: trailer for Mr Dundee, now set for on demand debut

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
The new sort-of Crocodile Dundee film, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, is being given an on demand release in Australia this month

DVD and Blu-ray release dates confirmed: up to December 2020

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until October 2020 – here’s what’s arriving and when
Ultra HD Blu-ray logo

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray: upcoming UK releases and dates

News | Simon Brew | 06.07.20
As the format continues to slowly gain traction – here’s our regularly-updated list of upcoming 4K UK disc releases

The multiplex cinemas opening around the UK this weekend

News | Simon Brew | 03.07.20
Here’s a list of the multiplex cinemas in England that will be opening their doors from Saturday 4th July

Sylvester Stallone is doing a director’s cut of Rocky IV

News | Simon Brew | 03.07.20
Sylvester Stallone reveals that he’s working on a longer cut of the all-time 80s classic, Rocky IV – bring on more Ivan Drago, we say

The Shows Must Go On: Michael Flatley show streaming for free tonight

News | Simon Brew | 03.07.20
Michael Flatley stars in Celtic King, and the full musical is set to be made available for free from this evening – details here

Lethal Weapon 5: Danny Glover updates on the project

News | Simon Brew | 03.07.20
Danny Glover confirms that conversations took place about Lethal Weapon 5 at the start of the year, and he’s interested in the project

The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron: new trailer

News | Simon Brew | 03.07.20
Charlize Theron headlines the big budget Netflix movie The Old Guard – and here’s the latest trailer for the upcoming film

Film Quiz Fridays: Big Willie Style!

Feature | Mark Harrison | 03.07.20
With pubs re-opening but regular pub quizzes no closer to returning, we’ve got your weekly fix of film questions right here, including a round on the films of Will Smith

British movie podcast of the week: Better Than Robin Hood?

Feature | Em McGowan | 03.07.20
In our weekly spot where we recommend an independent UK movie podcast, one woman’s love of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves is put to the test

Unhinged: Russell Crowe thriller getting July release, UK trailer

News | Simon Brew | 03.07.20
Russell Crowe will be there to greet us when UK cinemas reopen, as his new thriller lands a late-July release date in the UK

Showcase Cinemas still opening this weekend, playing films for £5

News | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
Showcase Cinemas becomes the first UK chain to reopen some of its multiplexes this weekend – and it’s kicking things off with a £5 offer
Disney+ logo

It looks like Disney+ UK is only adding three movies in July

News | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
Disney+ adds Hamilton and Frozen II this month – but the streaming service still seems to be very light when it comes to new movies

Paramount sells Aaron Sorkin’s new film to Netflix

News | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
In a deal worth over $50m, Paramount has offloaded The Trial Of The Chicago 7 to Netflix rather than releasing the film into cinemas itself

Scoob! is finally getting a UK release next week

News | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
Scoob! was released back in the US in May, with no sign of a UK outing – but the film is finally arriving on demand over here from next week

National Theatre: details of this week’s free streaming production

News | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
Here are details of the National Theatre production of Les Blancs, which is available to watch for free on YouTube from this evening

Celebrating the music of the Back To The Future trilogy

Feature | Mark Harrison | 02.07.20
We look at the role of music in the Back To The Future movies, where the 1950s is another planet but 1980s pop songs reign eternal

The big studio films that have been sold to streaming services

News | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
Paramount sells The Lovebirds to Netflix in the light of the Coronavirus spread, and it’s one of many big films from studios that have been sold to streamers

How Bad Santa managed to get through the Disney system

Feature | Simon Brew | 02.07.20
The family friendly Disney studio got a shock and a half when it saw what it had funded at a preview of the Billy Bob Thornton-fronted Bad Santa

The Fifth Element is getting a 4K reissue in the UK

News | Simon Brew | 01.07.20
Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element is getting a fresh reissue on DVD and Blu-ray, with the title debuting on Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray in the UK too
Disney+ logo

Disney+ streaming speed restrictions now being lifted

News | Simon Brew | 01.07.20
Just in time for Hamilton’s debut on the service, you can now watch Disney+’s output without the restrictions that were brought in at the start of lockdown

Seth Rogen to produce CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie

News | Matt Edwards | 01.07.20
A brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is on the way, the seventh Turtles film to head to the big screen – details here

No plans afoot for a new Terminator film

News | Simon Brew | 01.07.20
Mackenzie Davis is the latest to play down any hope of another big screen Terminator outing anytime soon

You’re allowed to sit down on a Christopher Nolan film set after all

News | Simon Brew | 01.07.20
A statement on behalf of Christopher Nolan reassures the world that if you’re on one of his film sets, you’re allowed a sit down after all

Three big American cinema chains to now insist that audiences wear masks

News | Simon Brew | 01.07.20
Big American cinema chains announce that the wearing of face coverings in their multiplexes will not be optional

How The Evil Dead pre-empted ‘the how long should films be exclusive to cinemas for’ argument

Feature | Simon Brew | 01.07.20
When Sam Raimi’s debut feature, The Evil Dead, was released in UK cinemas, it was part-responsible for kicking off a now-familiar battle over theatrical exclusivity windows

Wellbeing Matters: Human Sunshine

Feature | Jane Roberts | 01.07.20
In our weekly spot where we talk about things to do with mental health and general wellbeing, a few words about trying to find a little bit of light

Cineworld pushes back its reopening to the end of July

News | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
The Cineworld chain has postponed its reopening plans by three weeks, it’s announced, with doors now set to open in England on July 31st

Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen review – an essential documentary

Review | Eddie Charles | 30.06.20
The lives of trans men and women on screen are examined in a terrific new documentary from Sam Feder – and here’s our review of the film, that’s now on Netflix

Lost Transmissions review: Juno Temple and Simon Pegg shine in indie drama

Review | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
Simon Pegg and Juno Temple headline an indie movie that’s well worth digging out – here’s our review of Lost Transmissions

Odeon confirms face coverings will be “optional” when it reopens

News | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
Odeon is set to start opening cinemas in England this weekend, and has confirmed that it will not be making face coverings mandatory

Michael Flatley’s Celtic Tiger to stream for free from Friday

News | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
A musical production of Michael Flatley’s Celtic Tiger is to be made available for free this coming Friday – more details here

Respect: first trailer for Aretha Franklin biopic

News | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
Jennifer Hudson takes the lead in Aretha Franklin biopic Respect, that’s heading to cinemas in January – and here’s the trailer for the movie

Blumhouse’s The Vigil heads to UK cinemas in July

News | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
Blumhouse Productions’ festival horror favourite The Vigil is coming to UK cinemas in July it’s been announced, and more details are here

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves and the controversy over its PG certificate

Feature | Simon Brew | 30.06.20
Within weeks of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves being given a PG certificate in the UK, the BBFC realised it had made an error – here’s the story of what happened
BBC iPlayer logo

Films to watch on BBC iPlayer right now (and when they’re leaving the service)

News | Em McGowan | 29.06.20
Who needs Netflix and Prime? Turns out that BBC iPlayer has a terrific collection of films to watch – here’s our fully updated list