Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise’s next projects? An action film, a musical, or more Les Grossman

News | Dan Cooper | 09.08.22
Tom Cruise is approaching the next stage of his career, and a few details have emerged as to what direction that might take
The Strangers

A trilogy of sequels to The Strangers is on the way

News | Jake Godfrey | 09.08.22
The slasher series The Strangers is getting a new trilogy of films, taking the boxset up to five films: more here
Ezra Miller as The Flash

Ezra Miller charged with burglary, future of The Flash in further doubt

News | Dan Cooper | 09.08.22
The DCEU’s incumbent movie Flash – Ezra Miller – may find their role in peril following this latest sorry turn in an ongoing saga
The Stranger In Our Bed Poster

Trailer released for thriller The Stranger In Our Bed

News | Jake Godfrey | 09.08.22
Based on the bestselling book, The Stranger In Our Bed will arrive in the UK in September: here’s the first trailer
A man playing a Pac-Man arcade machine

There’s a Pac-Man movie on the way next

News | Simon Brew | 09.08.22
A feature film about a creature popping pills whilst evading ghosts is on the way: Pac-Man is heading to the movies
Vue Cinemas logo

Vue cinema chain reduces its value by half

News | Dan Cooper | 08.08.22
The toll of Covid and sluggish sales have led to Vue significantly  re-evaluating its commercial worth: more here

Scoob!: Holiday Haunt score being recorded despite film’s cancellation

News | Dan Cooper | 08.08.22
Warner Bros has pulled the plug on Scoob!: Holiday Haunt but the score will be recorded because everybody’s already been paid
1997's Spawn film

Jamie Foxx breaks silence on Spawn

News | Dan Cooper | 08.08.22
Spawn is the comic book movie project that has been stuck in development hell for years – and it may yet emerge one day if Jamie Foxx has his way
Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction coming to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

News | Simon Brew | 08.08.22
Set bunnies to boil: Fatal Attraction is getting a 4K disc release in the UK – more information on the release here

Trailer released for Jaws IMAX remaster

News | Jake Godfrey | 08.08.22
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the multiplex, a trailer has been released for the IMAX remaster of Jaws
Patrick Wilson

Cast confirmed for Insidious 5

News | Jake Godfrey | 08.08.22
Actor Patrick Wilson makes his directorial debut with the fifth Insidious film, and the cast has now been confirmed

Lashana Lynch cast as Rita Marley in Bob Marley biopic

News | Dan Cooper | 05.08.22
Paramount’s planned Bob Marley biopic continues to move forward, with Lashana Lynch the latest addition to the cast
Warner Bros Discovery

Warner Bros Discovery CEO reveals plans to emulate Marvel’s MCU

News | Dan Cooper | 05.08.22
Warner Bros Discovery boss David Zaslav aims to head off Batgirl cancellation by announcing a plan to come up with a plan
DC logo

Batgirl: has the DC Extended Universe now reached its nadir?

News | Dan Cooper | 05.08.22
Warner Bros Discovery’s handling of the DCEU has reached a new low with the Batgirl debacle – can it get any worse?
Banshees Of Inisherin

First trailer revealed for Martin McDonagh’s The Banshees Of Inisherin

News | Dan Cooper | 05.08.22
The upcoming The Banshees Of Inisherin will reunite Martin McDonagh with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, stars of the much-loved In Bruges
Dr No Steelbook

Dr No is getting a 60th anniversary Steelbook release

News | Simon Brew | 05.08.22
The first official James Bond film – Dr No, starring Sean Connery – is getting a special Blu-ray Steelbook reissue this October: more here

The new Garfield movie to be released in 2024

News | Jake Godfrey | 05.08.22
The lasagna loving feline Garfield will hit the big screen once again in a few years time, with Chris Pratt providing his voice

Trailer released for thriller I Came By

News | Jake Godfrey | 05.08.22
The film I Came By will see the usually typecast Hugh Bonneville in an altogether different role: here’s the first trailer
Idris Elba

Idris Elba to team up with David Leitch for Netflix film Bang!

News | Jake Godfrey | 05.08.22
The spy thriller Bang! is an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name – and Idris Elba is to star in the movie

Film Quiz Friday: Pitt Stop

News | Mark Harrison | 05.08.22
In this week’s film quiz, ABC is for Always Be Chewing, as we explore the films of Brad Pitt, as well as various other morsels of movie trivia
HD Movie Podcast title pic

British movie podcast of the week: The HD Movie Podcast

News | Em McGowan | 05.08.22
Our movie podcast recommendation of the week? It’s The HD Movie Podcast – and there’s a mix of great and not great movies to talk about
Duffy from Casualty

What have you been watching: start of August 2022 edition (chat post)

News | Simon Brew | 05.08.22
A place to chat about what you’ve been watching over the last week or two – please keep conversations civil and polite, thank you
Ultra HD Blu-ray logo

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray: upcoming UK releases and dates

News | Simon Brew | 05.08.22
As the format continues to slowly gain traction – here’s our regularly-updated list of upcoming 4K UK disc releases

UK DVD and Blu-ray release dates confirmed: up to November 2022

News | Simon Brew | 05.08.22
A glimpse at upcoming UK DVD and Blu-ray release dates until the end of 2022 – here’s what’s arriving and when
Greta Bellamacina in Venice At Dawn

British comedy Venice At Dawn to premiere this month at Everyman Cinemas

News | Lauren Miles | 04.08.22
Helmed by BIFA-nominated director Jamie Adams, Venice At Dawn will premiere at Everyman Cinemas on 30th August

Release date revealed for Joker: Folie à Deux 

News | Dan Cooper | 04.08.22
Joaquin Phoenix will be returning for Joker 2 in 2024, it’s been confirmed by Warner Bros – it won’t cancel this one, either
Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise

Christoper McQuarrie on life after Mission: Impossible for him and Tom Cruise

News | Dan Cooper | 04.08.22
The Mission: Impossible director has been chatting about future plans for Tom Cruise and himself once their time with the franchise ends
Warner Bros logo

Further details emerge regarding Warner Bros’ DC film and TV direction

News | Dan Cooper | 04.08.22
Following the cancellation of Batgirl, more details have come to light regarding the side effects of Warner Bros’ move
The John Hughes Mixtapes

John Hughes: first official compilation album of music from his movies on the way

News | Simon Brew | 04.08.22
A 74-track collection of music from John Hughes films is arriving in November – with the support of the Hughes family too

Batgirl directors respond to their film being suddenly axed

News | Simon Brew | 04.08.22
Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have responded to the news that their Batgirl film has been abandoned as a tax write-down – and they ain’t happy
Monty Python's Meaning Of Life

Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life comes to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

News | Simon Brew | 04.08.22
The 1983 Monty Python movie The Meaning Of Life is heading to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc in the UK next month: more details here
Road House

Road House remake pressing ahead at Prime Video

News | Jake Godfrey | 04.08.22
The 1989 high kicking cult classic Road House is getting a remake, and the first cast members have now been confirmed

GoldenEye and the “Now That’s What I Call James Bond” package

News | Mark Harrison | 04.08.22
Pierce Brosnan finally got to be James Bond in 1995’s GoldenEye, a film which has its cake and eats it too when it comes to the series’ checklist of tropes
BBC iPlayer logo

Films to watch on BBC iPlayer right now (and when they’re leaving the service)

News | Em McGowan | 03.08.22
Who needs Netflix and Prime? Turns out that BBC iPlayer has a terrific collection of films to watch – here’s our fully updated list

Solving Only Murders in the Building – Series 2, Episode 7

Review | Brendon Connelly | 03.08.22
Only Murders In The Building continues – and here’s our spoiler-y sleuthing from the seventh episode of season two, Flipping the Pieces
Daniel Kwan and Daniel Sheinert, known together as Daniels, on the set of Everything Everywhere All At Once

Directing duo ‘Daniels’ sign five year pact with Universal

News | Lauren Miles | 03.08.22
Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known as ‘Daniels’ have signed an exclusive five year deal with Universal
Amber Anderson

Cast confirmed for British indie Tell That To The Winter Sea

News | Jake Godfrey | 03.08.22
Tell That To The Winter Sea is set to explore tensions between friends and family at a wedding – the cast is now confirmed
Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso being adapted for television

News | Jake Godfrey | 03.08.22
Oscar winning drama Cinema Paradiso is being adapted into a television series by original director Giuseppe Tornatore
Ann Dowd in Ari Aster's Hereditary

Ann Dowd joins the cast of The Exorcist remake

News | Dan Cooper | 03.08.22
Veteran actor Ann Dowd has joined the cast of The Exorcist remake, which is set to release in October of next year
Selena Gomez in A Rainy Day In New York

20th Century Studios reviving Working Girl with Selena Gomez

News | Dan Cooper | 03.08.22
The 1980s comedy Working Girl is reportedly getting the remake treatment, fuelled largely by Selena Gomez’s star power

Batgirl cancelled by Warner Bros despite being nearly complete

News | Dan Cooper | 03.08.22
In a shocking move, Warner Bros has scrapped Batgirl, writing off a reported $100m in the process – the film won’t be released anywhere
Aaron Taylor Johnson and Brad Pitt fighting in Bullet Train

Bullet Train review: Brad Pitt stars in David Leitch’s action-comedy

Review | Lauren Miles | 03.08.22
David Leitch’s Bullet Train is a whip-fast action movie – but it’s at times convoluted and doesn’t know what to do with its ending