Hairspray musical streaming for free from Friday

News | Simon Brew | 27.05.20
The Shows Must Go On programme continues this week, with a free streaming production of Hairspray going live from Friday – details here

Edge Of Tomorrow director helming Tom Cruise’s outer space film

News | Simon Brew | 27.05.20
Doug Liman will be joining Tom Cruise in space it seems, as plans gather for a movie that could comfortably be described as ‘quite ambitious’

Blumhouse’s next movie bypassing cinemas, heading to streaming

News | Simon Brew | 27.05.20
The latest film from Blumhouse – Run Sweetheart Run – will be getting a global rollout on the Amazon Prime Video platform instead of a cinema release

Edgar Wright’s Last Night In Soho moves to April 2021

News | Simon Brew | 27.05.20
Edgar Wright’s new movie, that had been due in cinemas in September, will now be with us in April 2021 instead he confirms

Labyrinth 2 is pressing ahead, director confirmed

News | Simon Brew | 27.05.20
A sequel to the much-loved Labyrinth is finally set to press ahead, with Scott Derrickson directing the long-in-gestation project

Michael Moore-produced film taken down by YouTube

News | Simon Brew | 27.05.20
Planet Of The Humans has been removed from YouTube over four seconds of material contained within it – and its director isn’t happy about it

Kermode & Mayo’s Home Entertainment Service: next episode details

News | Simon Brew | 26.05.20
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s BBC Four show returns this Friday, and details as to what’s in store have been released

Limited new Blu-ray release planned for Street Fighter

News | Simon Brew | 26.05.20
The infamous 1994 Street Fighter movie is getting a brand new Blu-ray release in the Autumn – more details right this way

Suicide Squad: David Ayer opens door to director’s cut

News | Simon Brew | 26.05.20
Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut is happening – and now David Ayer has suggested it wouldn’t be tricky to assemble a Suicide Squad director’s cut too
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Confirmed: James Mangold is directing Indiana Jones 5

News | Simon Brew | 26.05.20
Well, it’s official: the next Indiana Jones film will be directed by James Mangold – but there’s still some way to go on writing the movie

Bourne: new filmmakers sought for another movie

News | Simon Brew | 26.05.20
A new film in the Bourne franchise is in the early stages it seems – but there are going to be some personnel changes this time around

Military Wives DVD and Blu-ray release set for July

News | Simon Brew | 26.05.20
If you’d rather wait for the disc release of Military Wives than the digital rental, then the first details are here
BBC iPlayer logo

Films to watch on BBC iPlayer right now (and when they’re leaving the service)

News | Em McGowan | 25.05.20
Who needs Netflix and Prime? Turns out that BBC iPlayer has a terrific collection of films to watch – here’s our fully updated list

The cut version of Back To The Future Part II on Netflix explained

News | Simon Brew | 25.05.20
The edited version of Back To The Future Part II that recently appeared on Netflix has now been destroyed entirely, it’s been revealed

Jon Stewart’s new movie is latest to go straight to premium video on demand

News | Simon Brew | 25.05.20
Rose Byrne and Steve Carell lead the cast of Irresistible, that’s now heading to on demand rather than the big screen

The much darker original ending to Sweet Home Alabama

Feature | Simon Brew | 25.05.20
The Reese Witherspoon-headlined romcom Sweet Home Alabama nearly took a bit of a dark turn
Ultra HD Blu-ray logo

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray: upcoming UK releases and dates

News | Simon Brew | 25.05.20
As the format continues to slowly gain traction – here’s our regularly-updated list of upcoming 4K UK disc releases

DVD and Blu-ray release dates confirmed: up to December 2020

News | Simon Brew | 25.05.20
A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until October 2020 – here’s what’s arriving and when

Relax: 10 films that use ASMR – and how

Feature | Scott Wilson | 25.05.20
Toy Story 2 isn’t the only movie with a notable ASMR moment in it – here are ten examples of the phenomenon on the screen

The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron: first trailer

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
Charlize Theron headlines the big budget Netflix movie The Old Guard – and here’s the first trailer for the upcoming film

The movies, and why it’s worth fighting more than ever for physical media

Feature | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
Low quality streaming, unavailable films, movie edits by stealth: why physical media matters more than ever in the streaming age

Film Quiz Friday: Whose Tagline Is It Anyway?

Feature | Mark Harrison | 22.05.20
Deep Impact or Armageddon? Just one of the questions you’ll face in this week’s Friday film quiz, the trivia scramble where no one can hear you scream

British movie podcast of the week: Nerdfest

Feature | Em McGowan | 22.05.20
Each week, we recommend an independent British film podcast that’s well worth your time: here’s why Nerdfest is worth a listen

Graham Norton joins Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams in Eurovision movie

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
Rachel McAdams, Will Ferrell and Pierce Brosnan lead the cast of Netflix’s upcoming Eurovision Song Contest film – with Graham Norton on board too

Tenet: brand new trailer lands – but omits release date

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
The marketing campaign ramps back up for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and here’s the brand new trailer for the eagerly-awaited movie

Sliding Doors director helming new lockdown movie

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
British director Peter Howitt (right) is putting together a new film called Lock Down – and it’s set to start shooting this autumn

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead getting a remake

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
Cult 1991 dark comedy Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead is coming back to the screen thanks to a planned remake – details here

Disney+ UK: Maleficent 2 being added in June

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
Angelina Jolie stars in Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil, which is the big new addition to the Disney+ service in the UK next month

Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Sound Of Music musical to stream for free tonight

News | Simon Brew | 22.05.20
Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer headline The Sound Of Music, and the full stage production is streaming for free on YouTube this weekend

The Lovebirds review: from the cinema to Netflix instead

Review | Freda Cooper | 22.05.20
Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae headline The Lovebirds, that’s landed on Netflix rather than getting a cinema release – and here’s our review

Netflix was running an edited version of Back To The Future Part II

News | Simon Brew | 21.05.20
It’s come to light that the version of Back To The Future Part II that was available on Netflix had a clumsy edit in it to tone one moment down

National Theatre: see Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire for free

News | Simon Brew | 21.05.20
The latest National Theatre At Home production for free streaming goes live from tonight, with Gillian Anderson starring

The quiet saving of Bill & Ted Face The Music

News | Simon Brew | 21.05.20
How Steven Soderbergh intervened to give Bill & Ted Face The Music a little, but potentially crucial, push forward
Trolls world tour poster image

Trolls World Tour confirmed for disc release in July

News | Simon Brew | 21.05.20
After its controversial video on demand release, Trolls World Tour is now heading to DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD this coming July

Oliver Stone’s Platoon, and how it got turned into a computer game

Feature | Andrew Fisher | 21.05.20
How did one of the most successful anti-war movies of all time become a computer game? We dig into the story of Platoon

The woman who left her favourite movie star $300,000 in her will

Feature | Simon Brew | 21.05.20
The strange story of the woman who left Charles Bronson a small fortune in her will – despite never having met the actor

The Invisible Man: UK DVD, Blu-ray and 4K release details

News | Simon Brew | 21.05.20
If you don’t want to pay the premium on demand rental price, the disc of The Invisible Man is arriving in the UK in June
The Justice League

Confirmed: Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut getting 2021

News | Simon Brew | 20.05.20
It’s official: the Snyder Cut of Justice League is not only a real thing, but it’s going to be released in 2021, Warner Bros announces

Even Tom Hanks’ new film is now heading direct to streaming

News | Simon Brew | 20.05.20
Apple has snapped up the rights to the Tom Hanks-headlined Greyhound, following the decision to pull its cinema release next month

Michael Bay producing new pandemic thriller, shooting imminently

News | Simon Brew | 20.05.20
Michael Bay is to produce a new thriller, that will look at what happens if the current pandemic is still raging in two years’ time – more details here

Mark Kermode Live In 3D streaming for free tonight

News | Simon Brew | 20.05.20
You can catch Mark Kermode’s latest live show for free this evening – more details on the new Mark Kermode Live In 3D right here

The screenplays the Coen brothers wrote but didn’t direct

Feature | Mark Harrison | 20.05.20
As Joel and Ethan Coen’s long-gestating Scarface remake finally finds a director, we revisit their writing-only credits for filmmakers like Sam Raimi, Steven Spielberg, and George Clooney