August 2020 Archive

FrightFest 2020: The Columnist review

Matt Edwards | 30th August 2020
A horror film with something to say about internet troll culture, here’s our review of The Columnist, from FrightFest 2020

Chadwick Boseman

Simon Brew | 29th August 2020
Life really is spectacularly unfair sometimes: Chadwick Boseman has left us, at the age of just 43 years old

The nine seconds cut from Tenet in the UK

Simon Brew | 28th August 2020
Tenet lost nine seconds to get a 12A certificate in the UK, and it’s now become clear just what was slice out of the film in Britain

Film Quiz Friday: The 180-Minute Edition

Mark Harrison | 28th August 2020
Find a comfy seat and reconsider that extra-large soft drink, because this week’s film quiz covers some movies that are more than three hours long