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Film Quiz Friday: Dream Weaver

Mark Harrison | 16th April 2021
Sigourney Weaver is the specialist subject of this week’s film quiz, which also covers lost boys, found footage, and other movie trivia

Film Quiz Friday: Getting The Band Together

Mark Harrison | 9th April 2021
Do you know your Stillwater from your Clash At Demonhead? This week’s film quiz covers some of the best bands the big screen has to offer

Film Quiz Friday: Destroy All Monsters!

Mark Harrison | 2nd April 2021
As Godzilla Vs Kong makes big footprints in cinemas and on VOD worldwide, this week’s film quiz revolves around giant monster movies

Film Quiz Friday: Shakespeare On Film

Mark Harrison | 26th March 2021
To be or not to be? That is not one of the questions in this week’s film quiz, but we have got some Shakespeare-related movie teasers to offer

Film Quiz Friday: The Threequelizer!

Mark Harrison | 12th March 2021
The curse of threequels looms over this week’s film quiz, which features three more rounds of questions about all things movie-related