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Film Quiz Friday: Holmes Away From Holmes

Mark Harrison | 25th September 2020
The quiz is afoot! American landmarks, sequel subtitles, and the screen lives of Sherlock Holmes are among the subjects of this week’s movie teasers

The many film adaptations of Casablanca

Mark Harrison | 23rd September 2020
1942’s Casablanca has never been officially remade, but that hasn’t stopped the steady flow of spoofs and stealth remakes as time has gone by

Batman Forever, and its villain problem

Mark Harrison | 17th September 2020
Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey famously didn’t get on when making Batman Forever, but could the film have used that? Mark reconsiders two mismatched villains

Film Quiz Friday: Versus Mode!

Mark Harrison | 11th September 2020
Let’s get ready to rumble! Versus movies, long-running franchises, and the 12A certificate are among the subjects in this week’s film quiz

Film Quiz Friday: The Re-Disneyfied Edition

Mark Harrison | 4th September 2020
There’s no Premiere Access required for this week’s quiz, which includes questions about Disney’s live-action remakes and various other bits of movie trivia

The Simpsons movies that never were

Mark Harrison | 3rd September 2020
After almost 15 years in development, The Simpsons Movie hit cinemas in 2007 – but here’s a look at the silver-screen Springfield adventures that we could have had