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Film Quiz Friday: Good As Goldblum

Mark Harrison | 22nd October 2021
“It’s my birthdayyyyy!” This week’s film quiz includes questions on the movies of Jeff Goldblum, among the regular mix of cinematic trivia

Film Quiz Friday: Great Scott!

Mark Harrison | 15th October 2021
“I think, at the end of the day, filmmaking is a team, but eventually there’s got to be a captain”: this week’s film quiz has 30 questions on the films of Sir Ridley Scott and lots more movie trivia

Film Quiz Friday: Sequelizer II – Quiz Harder!

Mark Harrison | 8th October 2021
How can the same quiz happen to the same guy twice? The art of the second-movie subtitle is just one of the subjects covered in this week’s film trivia challenge

Film Quiz Friday: The Once And Future Quiz

Mark Harrison | 24th September 2021
“One day, a King will come, and the Sword will rise again”  – until then, here’s your weekly film quiz, covering the legends of Arthur and Camelot on screen