Here’s a full list of the British movie podcasts that we’ve been recommending over the past year, and how to find out more about them all.

Since this feature started back  on 8th November 2019, we’ve featured 40 amazing, innovative, unique and interesting independent British movie podcasts up until now, covering a wide variety of genres, themes and styles, and this week we thought it would be a fine moment to highlight and thank all of them!

They are:


We Have a Hulk 

School of Movies 

Journey Through Sci-Fi 

Sorry You’re In My Seat 

Betamax Video Club 

Beyond The Box Set 

Show Me The Podcast 

Pick of the Flicks 

I Understood That Reference  

False Starts 

Asian Cinema Film Club

Why This Film

The Evolution of Horror

Retro Ramble

Woo Long Talks

Star Wars Sessions

The Rewind Movie Podcast

Projections Podcast

At The Flicks 

Talk Filmy To Me 


The Filmmakers Podcast 


Super Horror Bros 

For Your Reconsideration 


Is It Worth It? 

Big Meeting 

The Final Girls 

Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour 

Talking The Mickey 

Better Than Robin Hood? 

Diminishing Returns 

A Very British Horror 

All The Right Movies 

The A24 Project 

Devil Times Five 

The Paul and Griff Show 

Big Fat Cult –

You think we’re done recommending British movie podcasts? We’re not even close! Here’s to the next 40…


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