Extend your movie knowledge with the help of this week’s recommended independent UK movie podcast: 100 Things We Learned From Film.

Cinema is, on the whole, purely for the entertainment factor. We want to see beautiful cinematography, riveting action, sweeping epic romance, or if you’re a certain editor of Film Stories, as much of Kevin Costner as physically possible. It’s not often you settle down to watch a film to learn something, because even films based on true events aren’t completely factual.

Truthfully though, there is a lot of knowledge to be endowed upon us, the viewer. Not everything is invented for the screen. One podcast has set out not just to find the facts, but to find one hundred facts about the movie for every episode, and that podcast is 100 Things We Learned from Film.

Hosts Mark and John, spurred on by the COVID lockdown, wanted a unique concept for their first foray into podcasting. The idea actually came to Mark 15 years ago, after watching John Boorman’s Deliverance. He felt the desire to provide a commentary on that film which included everything he’d learned from watching it, other than the obvious ‘don’t go canoeing in the deep south’. He wanted to enlist someone similarly enthusiastic, and found the perfect partner in John.

On 100 Things We Learned from Film, Mark and John’s ultimate aim is to reach 100 nuggets of information per episode. Some of their favourite facts include finding out from Demolition Man that in France, ‘Rats Bordeaux’ is a delicacy, and from Chicken Run that chickens don’t actually urinate. Their recommended episode, Highlander, was the first time they had achieved 100 things (actually hitting 110!) and so this episode remains a particular favourite of theirs.

Mark and John’s relationship is incredibly close, with John’s partner even commenting that John sees Mark more than he sees her! Their friendship is apparent in their warm and witty collaboration, and it’s a podcast full of inevitable wonder and verity.

If you’ve learned one thing from this feature, it’s that you should listen to 100 Things We Learned from Film. You might just learn something you never knew and you’ll certainly have a lot of fun doing so!

Recommended episode: Episode 15: Highlander (1 February 2021) – https://100thingsfilmpod.buzzsprout.com/1416070/7583554-episode-15-highlander 

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