Our weekly movie podcast recommendation this time around turns its attention to the Batman movies.

Forget classifying people based on their demographic cohort; asking someone if they’re Generation X,  Millennial or Generation Z is out. If you really want to know about a person, ask them who their live-action Batman is. From Adam West to Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer to George Clooney, Christian Bale to Ben Affleck, (and for Generation Alpha a brand new Batman, Robert Pattinson, due to take up the mantle in 2022) everyone grew up with their definitive Batman. Enter Bat Minute!

While Bat Minute doesn’t delve into the Adam West TV show (kapow and zap to that), hosts Niall McGowan and Jonfen Parker do start with the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman, borrowing the concept of an episode per minute from another podcast series and realising the wealth of episodic material they would have with the entirety of the Batman franchise. Bat Minute also changes titles and artwork per season, starting with Bat Minute, moving into Bat Minute Returns and then Bat Minute Forever. Three guesses what the next season will be called?

Niall is a self-proclaimed Batman super fan, and also designs all the artwork for the podcast, as well as editing each episode. There’s a lot of episodes of Bat Minute too, having just finished Batman Forever. Furthermore,  including several non-Batman bonus episodes on the feed gives listeners (at the writing of this feature) 490 episodes to indulge in, including related materials such as the Halle Berry Catwoman film, and the cinematic output of the much-missed genius that is Prince. Jon takes care of the social media and posts episodes to the various feeds. Truly a Batman and Robin partnership; we’re not sure who’s the Batman and who’s the Robin, though.

Bat Minute does exactly what it promises, and more. It’s a hilarious, insightful look at a minute of each Batman film, and where the Batman(s) are concerned, those minutes can range from gothic noir, sexual innuendo, neon camp comedy and pun-laden pastiche. Because of this, episodes are never repetitive, and Niall and Jon’s respective enthusiasm over the Batman legacy is infectious. It’s full of witty, interesting Bat-facts, and exceptionally funny Batman-style cliffhangers at the end of each episode.

This is a fantastic podcast, and ideal to listen to while chilling in the Bat Cave, out driving the Batmobile or while you’re working ridding Gotham City of crime.

By George! Can our Caped Crusaders Clooney their way into our collective hearts when the beautiful Batgirl is brought into the Bat-collective? Tune in next season to find out…

Recommended episode: Bat Minute Forever Season 3, Episode 110: The Mother of All It’s All Connecteds (with Kiri Callaghan and Omar Najam) (11 August 2020) – https://thebatminute.com/bat-minute-forever-minute-110-the-mother-of-all-its-all-connecteds-with-kiri-callaghan-and-omar-najam 

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