Our podcast recommendation of the week has a few words about relationships included: here’s what Don’t You Want Me is worth a listen.

Relationships. Whether they’re familial, platonic, antagonistic or romantic, we all experience them in some way. Many of our experiences with those relationships are displayed on-screen in the films we watch, often in all their dysfunctional, intriguing and manic glory. How many times have you watched a movie, seen the relationship depicted within, and thought “I can relate!”.

Don’t You Want Me, hosted by Rich Nelson and Catrin Lowe, takes those meaningful, important and relatable character connections in film and dedicates each episode of their podcast to dissect and discuss the relationships in movies, rather than the actual movies themselves.

Regular readers of this feature may remember Rich from his podcast Betamax Video Club, which was featured way back on 13th December 2019, on which Cat guest hosted on a few episodes. It was those appearances that stoked the flames of discussing the central relationships of these films. As Betamax Video Club was winding down to a natural conclusion, and with Rich and Cat enjoying their ongoing discussions, making a podcast about relationships and connections between human beings during a time where social interaction has been limited due to the pandemic felt like the natural choice.

Due to the complexity of relationships, Don’t You Want Me isn’t just limited to romantic comedies. Some movie relationships have been extremely influential on popular culture, but not all of them are romantic. Think of John McClane’s relationships with Hans Gruber and Al Powell in Die Hard, or the featured episode below’s focus on the subversive, tense, almost-homoerotic relationship between Johnny Utah and Bodhi in Point Break; a relationship not even the recent 2015 remake could replicate, proving that great characters and core relationships are pivotal to the enjoyment of watching any film.

Speaking of relationships, the most important one to Don’t You Want Me is the core hosting duo of Cat and Rich, and they do not disappoint. They’re charming, knowledgeable and have great podcasting chemistry, giving a great mix of informed and informal discussion.

Don’t You Want Me? You know I don’t believe you when you say that you don’t need it in your podcast app. You really do.

Don’t You Want Me is hosting a live screening of the 1997 classic romcom My Best Friend’s Wedding at Chapeltown Picture House in Manchester on the evening of 12th February, just in time for Galentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day, if you prefer!). For more information, and the link to book tickets, go to https://twitter.com/cphmcr/status/1481324560549036032?s=21

Recommended episode: Episode 5 – (21 October 2021) – Point Break (1991) – https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/point-break-1991/id1585949523?i=1000539241185 

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