Our movie podcast recommendation of the week is a relatively new one, that’s already carving out its niche: it’s Girly Movie Night.

Movies targeted at a predominantly female audience often never get the recognition they deserve. They’re seen as generic, formulaic and tend to focus on romance or popularity. However, there’s usually more depth and social commentary in these movies than first meets the eye, and one podcast loves them so much, they’ve made girly movies the only thing they talk about; they are Girly Movie Night!

Dubliner Lizzie found that she was struggling to find a movie podcast that covered the movies she wanted to hear about, so not only did she create Girly Movie Night to fill that void, she also enlisted the help of good friend, and experienced podcaster, Robb.  Robb started as an alternating co-host along with friends Claire and Amy, but became the permanent co-host when listener feedback confirmed that their co-host chemistry was off the charts.

With Lizzie’s organisational skills and Robb’s razor sharp wit, Girly Movie Night really is a love letter to romcoms, chick flicks and girly movies that many other movie podcasts don’t seem to cover as much. Ultimately this is a podcast with two hosts who both adore these movies, and each episode really is a fascinating look into the trivia and fun facts about movies centered on the female experience. Robb’s partner Shane also makes unheard cameos every so often. Film Stories is assured that Shane is a real person, and not one of the voices in Robb’s head!

Girly Movie Night is a fairly new podcast, however Lizzie and Robb have come out of the gate sprinting with two seasons of episodes, containing a selection of some of the all-time great romcoms and female-fronted movies, including the iconic Clueless, Mean Girls and the recommended episode below on Bridesmaids. Not that Lizzie and Robb agree on everything. They didn’t agree on the final rating of the movie Sisters in their latest episode, and neither does Robb agree with Lizzie on her love of the TV show Friends, which is referenced in almost every episode.

Girly Movie Night, just like the female-centric movies it features, should not be underestimated. This is a seriously passionate and fun podcast, with engaging hosts and lots of laughs.

You should PIVOT! and get this podcast in your ears for your next Girly Movie Night.

Recommended episode: Episode 2 – (4 October 2021) – Bridesmaids  – https://girlymovienight.buzzsprout.com/1754456/9208078-bridesmaids 

Girly Movie Night can be found at https://linktr.ee/Girlymovienight 

And followed on:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/girlymovienight 

All episodes of Girly Movie Night are available and can be listened to or downloaded from Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.

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