Our movie podcast recommendation of the week looks at films available on free to view services, as well as streaming choices too.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, based on the 1955 novel The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney seems to be the perfect title by which to generate a great podcast name. The movie contains literal pods, for a start. This wasn’t the reason Invasion Of The Poddy Casters chose the name, but it’s a nice little link to set up the story of this week’s featured podcast.

Invasion Of The Poddy Casters was created by regular cinemagoers and Tyneside pub quiz team, Graeme, Scott and Simon, all of whom are avid film fans with an affinity for the surreal. Graeme is no stranger to Film Stories either, having written articles for us in the past.

Invasion Of The Poddy Casters might have started during the pandemic, but came about to bring a broad range of voices and opinions to podcasting. They love to highlight what’s on, here in the UK, on free-to-view streaming services like All4 and BBC iPlayer (we hope they use our list!), as well as the regular big name streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, letting listeners know what’s newly available on the services, as well as a brief review of each movie.

Each host brings his own skills, both behind the microphone and behind the scenes, and all work together to bring Invasion of the Poddy Casters to the podcasting airwaves. From hosting film clubs and celebrating local talent, this is a podcast that’s immensely proud of its roots and the friendships that are cultivated within.

Ultimately, this is a podcast celebrating friendship as well as cinema. It’s clear that Graeme, Scott and Simon all have a great time hosting the podcast together, and especially when “celebrity guests” turn up. Check out the recommended episode below for a treat, McConaughey fans!

Become a pod person. Listen to Invasion Of The Poddy Casters!

Recommended episode: Episode 20 (21 December 2020) – A Festive Pickle –  https://anchor.fm/invasion-of-the-poddy-casters/episodes/Episode-20—A-Festive-Pickle-eo24e5 


Invasion of the Poddy Casters can be found at https://anchor.fm/invasion-of-the-poddy-casters 

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/PoddyCasters 

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