Our weekly movie podcast recommendation tries to shine a light on films that aren’t always the most like: meet Just Films & That.

Despite the best intentions of everyone who works on a film, sometimes that film can come out and well, not be very good. It may be unfairly maligned, or it could just be a misunderstood classic that, given time, will become popular. But there’s redemption to be found in every underrated or underappreciated film, and one podcast attempting to redeem so-called ‘bad movies’ is Just Films & That.

Just Films & That is hosted by friends Josh Hallam and Alice Oliver, and exists purely to shine a light on those films that most other film podcasts won’t touch. Films that are critically unloved, or simply didn’t get the promotion they deserved at the time. Not everything can be an award-winning critical and financial darling, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of your time.

Josh and Alice take this time to get to know the film they’re covering; Alice’s feature ‘Alice Down The Rabbit Hole’ specifically focuses on a particular featured actor with a view to find out more about them. It would be very easy for a podcast focusing on unloved films to knock those films down repeatedly and remind the audience how bad they are, but Josh and Alice make the effort to find things to redeem these movies with sincere analysis and dissection, without losing any of their natural chemistry and humour. It’s Alice and Josh’s overwhelming positivity which drives Just Films & That to being the sort of podcast you could easily binge. 

Just Films & That thrives on audience interaction, and when covering movies that most people don’t like, they find that the lesser-loved films often have a strong and passionate fanbase. Josh and Alice love nothing better than hearing from people who love these misunderstood treasures, many of which just appreciate a podcast that will feature them. 

Just Films & That may feature underappreciated films, but this podcast definitely deserves your appreciation. 

Recommended episode: Episode 52 – Speed 2: Cruise Control (27 April 2021) – https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/speed-2-cruise-control/id1470141261?i=1000518834917 

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