Our podcast recommendation of the week is going through Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws, one minute at a time.

There aren’t many movies that can not only instil terror in multiple generations of viewers, but also hold up to repeated viewings over 45 years later. Steven Spielberg’s Jaws might have made people afraid of going into the water, but it also made the shark one of cinema’s most enduring and fascinating antagonists. Since Jaws, we’ve had Deep Blue Sea, The Meg, Sharknado (plus its many many sequels) as well as the cinematic classic Sand Sharks, but nothing holds a torch (or indeed an exploding barrel) to the ongoing legacy of Jaws.

Let’s Jaws For a Minute is a unique podcast for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as the title suggests it’s just about Jaws, but additionally how it actually came to be is fairly distinctive as podcasts go.

Creator and co-host Sarah Buddery was tweeting on September evening and half-jokingly posted:

MJ Smith responded to that tweet and after a brief discussion they agreed to co-host a podcast. They had the podcast name already sorted, and so with a fierce determination came up with the concept, logo, and within a week had planned the first few episodes.

Sarah and MJ’s devotion to Jaws is pretty unrivalled too. Despite seeing other shark movies first, Sarah watched the 2012 Blu-ray of Jaws and discovered not only her favourite movie of all time, but a deep obsession with every little detail of Steven Spielberg’s masterclass of filmmaking. MJ had seen the movie once or twice as a kid, but it took the Blu-ray, in all its high definition remastered glory, that made him realise just how special Jaws is.

While this is a podcast that, essentially, is breaking down Jaws about a minute or thereabouts at a time (sometimes they go two or three minutes, depending on the scene); it’s that attention to detail that Sarah and MJ go into that’s the most remarkable thing about Let’s Jaws For A Minute. Their passion on the subject matter is undeniable. Jaws is not just a shark movie and so Let’s Jaws For A Minute is not just a podcast about a shark movie; it’s a podcast about the intricate details of filmmaking, of the importance of script and a perfect cast of characters, as well as titbits of information, trivia and theories.

Like the characters in Jaws, Sarah and MJ are relatable, memorable and the heart and soul of this feature. Their love of this classic movie is infectious, heart-warming and genuine and as a podcast partnership, they compliment each other perfectly with their knowledge and skillset. Podcasting, in its rawest form, is about having a passion for something so deep you simply have to talk about it. Let’s Jaws For aA Minute encompasses everything truly great about that passion. We don’t know if sharks can listen to podcasts, but if Bruce could we’re sure he’d be a fan.

Let’s Jaws For a Minute is a podcast you can really sink your teeth into.

 Recommended episode: Episode 27: Hooperpedia (2 Apr 2021) – https://anchor.fm/jawsforaminute/episodes/Episode-27—Hooperpedia-eu2jna 

Let’s Jaws For a Minute can be found at https://anchor.fm/jawsforaminute 

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/JawsForAMinute 

All episodes of Let’s Jaws For A Minute are available and can be downloaded from Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.

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