Some smashing film interviews await with our recommended UK independent movie podcast of the week: it’s Mark and Me.

Having just celebrated featuring 100 entries across the lifetime of this feature, it felt like number 101 should be extra special to inaugurate this new batch of featured podcasts. As it happened, a series of unfortunate events meant we couldn’t feature this particular podcast last year, so it seemed fitting that the 101st Film Stories Recommended British Movie Podcast should be the terrific Mark and Me, and a very welcome return to this feature for its host, Mark Woodyatt.

You may remember Mark from the feature we did on his other podcast, Skip to the End, and the remarkable story of how that became an extraordinary success. That’s here if you want to catch up. 

Really, the success of Skip to the End is pivotal to the story of the beginnings of Mark and Me, but not in the way you might think. Skip to the End had an established format, and therefore any requests for interviews or press junkets didn’t work for that podcast. To combat this, Mark decided to launch a new podcast in an interview format, to satiate the offers, as well as his desire to speak to some of his media idols. (The recommended episode, Joey Cramer from Flight of the Navigator, is one such idol. Mark’s glee is apparent right from the get go!)

The name gives it away, but Mark and Me is just Mark, and his guest. Mark runs everything to do with the podcast behind the scenes, including guest scheduling and bookings, production and social media management. The calibre of guests is astonishing too; let’s just take a moment to run through a few names you may know….

KEVIN SMITH! COREY FELDMAN! NEILL BLOMKAMP! JESSICA HYNES! BRIAN BLESSED! RON PERLMAN! SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS! The list goes on and on. With such an established guest roster, you might think they’re all your standard press junket-style interviews? Not at all. Mark has a genuine passion for this podcast, and while I’m sure he’s starstruck and squealing with delight on the inside, his interview style is friendly and relaxed. He makes his guests so comfortable that it feels like it’s just two friends catching up. The fact it happens to be recorded seems like a fortunate by-product. 

Skip to the End was an outstanding achievement for Mark, Ben and Gemma, but Mark and Me feels more unique, more personal, more intimate and more reflective of Mark as an interviewer. It’s purely focused on getting the best out of his guest(s) while also showcasing his charm, wit and intellect. Mark knows film, and it’s a genuine delight to just become immersed in multiple episodes of Mark and Me, not only to listen to the experiences of the guests, but also to Mark, because his passion and knowledge just shines through.

All you need is you and Mark and Me.

Recommended episode: Episode 95 – (4 September 2020) – Joey Cramer – 

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