Our podcast recommendation of the week has a James Bond 007 flavour to it: more on it right here.

The name’s Stories. Film Stories. To celebrate the release of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie, No Time to Die, out at cinemas right now, we wanted to take our weekly recommendation shaken not stirred and accompany you on the ultimate podcast spy mission, with the ultimate James Bond podcast. 

The James Bond franchise has endured for almost sixty years; an enticing mix of missions, quips, innuendo, gadgets, exotic locations and beautiful women. At the centre, famed womanizer, peerless spy and masculine icon, the man known as 007. For this special feature, we needed a podcast with a Licence to Kill and that was willing to Die Another Day. For Your Eyes Only, we give you Really, 007!.

A Saturday afternoon here in the UK was often spent watching a Sean Connery or Roger Moore Bond movie, airing on terrestrial TV. This is exactly what happened to the Pickup brothers, Tom, Math and Harry, who would also borrow their dad’s camcorder and record homemade Bond adventures, starring them and their friends. It was Tom who had the idea to start a podcast devoted to their favourite secret agent, and enlisted friends John Kell, Christopher Goldie and Rob Parker to join them on their mission. 

Obviously, with a series as long-standing, vast and intriguing as Bond, it really makes for perfect podcast material. Public anticipation for Bond remains as high in the 2020s as it was during the character’s first iterations. He’s one of the most iconic characters in cinema history for good reason.

Really, 007! intends to discuss all the facets of Bond cinema with humour and heart, as well as lifting the curtain on the history of Ian Fleming’s famous character, by interviewing directors and actors involved with the franchise. One of their favourites is their interview with director John Glen, who even talks about how (and why!) they got a pigeon doing a double-take in Moonraker.

The Really, 007! Bond of choice? That would be Timothy Dalton, but honestly, any Bond is good Bond, according to this podcast. Their enthusiasm for the cinematic world of Bond knows no bounds. They go into great detail, with in-depth analysis on certain movies spanning several episodes. Excuse the bad pun but they clearly share a close bond with each other over the character and the films. With Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond now over, all eyes will be on the new actor to take up the mantle, and Really, 007! is a must-listen for Bond newbies and aficionados alike. 

Do they expect you to talk? No, The Really 007! podcast expect you to listen.

Recommended episode: Episode 21 (31 August 2021) – Behind the Camera – John Glen interview –  https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/behind-the-camera-john-glen-interview/id1529674193?i=1000533843864 


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