Our film podcast recommendation this week is in the movie sequel business: and there’s no shortage of pitches.

Sequels can be a mixed bunch. For every Alien, there’s an Aliens but similarly for every Jaws, there’s a Jaws: The Revenge, and we can’t all get a Michael Caine-sized payday to sweeten the deal. Bad sequels are, well, bad. They can ruin a franchise just as much as a great sequel can elevate it. Perhaps this is why so many movies remain sequel-free? Sometimes though, a worthy sequel is out there, it just needs to be pitched.

This is where Sequel Pitch steps up, and attempts to pitch the great sequels of tomorrow. Whether it’s a movie that’s probably never going to get a sequel, or a movie with a sequel incoming that’s not landed yet, these guys are the podcast to call if you need a sequel pitching, stat!

University friends Drew Toynbee, Ross Harmston, Andy Henry and Matt Rushton went on a post-lockdown camping trip, which quickly descended into a drunken game of pitching an imaginary sequel to infamous Nicolas Cage / John Travolta becoming John Travolta / Nicolas Cage action flick Face/Off. The idea of creating a podcast had been floating in Drew’s head for some time, but they’d yet to find their USP. After a bit of sobering up, and a few as-yet unreleased test episodes, Sequel Pitch was born.

The premise of Sequel Pitch is simple; every week a different person hosts and the other three put forward their best pitch for a sequel and the host chooses their favourite. Pitches can either be genuine and serious attempts at making a great sequel which pays homage to the original, or they can be outlandish, hilarious and bizarre. I can neither confirm nor deny that the recommended episode below is an example of the latter, but it’s a Fast & Furious sequel, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to shoot cars into space and figure it out.

Collectively their greatest movie sequels of all time are The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather Part 2 and Terminator 2, and all are peerless in so many respects. Sequel Pitch aims to provide sequels that are just as good as those sequels, but it depends on your definition of “good”. Surely half the fun is when the ideas aren’t firing on all cylinders? It’s clear, though, that a lot of time and planning goes into writing pitches, as well as answering any questions that arise as to why the sequel has been created the way that it has.

If I were to pitch this podcast to you, I’d say: “Four heroes, wanting to prove that creativity is not dead in Hollywood, take it upon themselves to fight the hoards of mediocre sequels, exhibiting great chemistry, having fun and entertaining their ever growing listener base.” If you want actual great pitches though, you should probably listen to Sequel Pitch instead.

Sequel Pitch. It’s pitch perfect podcasting.

Recommended episode: Episode 17 – Fast & Furious 8 – (11 June  2021) https://player.captivate.fm/episode/133f941f-ae9c-44d7-8977-8aafd76101f0 

Sequel Pitch can be found at www.sequelpitch.co.uk/listen

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/SequelPitch 

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Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SequelPitch/ 

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