Our podcast recommendation of the week looks at the songs of the movies, and the stories behind them: here’s why it’s worth a listen.

Music can make a movie experience. It can elevate our emotions; make us want to dance, or to feel sadness, joy or anger. Often when watching a film we appreciate acting, direction or cinematography more than a good title song, but can you imagine Ghostbusters without Ray Parker Jr being afraid of no ghosts? Toy Story without having a friend in Randy Newman?

Could our collective hearts have gone on for Titanic without Céline Dion?

Songs transport us into the world of film. Whatever our age, a song can instantly capture a moment in time from our lives and how we felt listening for the first time. Celebrating the songs from movies is what That Song From That Movie is all about. It’s the task of hosts Dietrich, Ben and Alex to highlight songs that transcend genre or decade.

They focus on the classic lyrical and signature songs you know, rather than orchestral scores. In some cases, songs from movies become more popular that the actual movie itself. Case in point Pharrell Williams’ song Happy was created for Despicable Me 2. You’d be forgiven for forgetting that, after hearing it on the radio for the umpteenth time. 

Long-time friends for over 20 years, Dietrich, Ben and Alex love discussing movies, but it was a car journey with Kenny Loggins’ Playing With The Boys from Top Gun on the stereo that cemented their idea to create a podcast purely focussed on discussing and dissecting iconic songs in film.

Many movie podcasts may touch on the subject of musical interludes, but the level of detail in That Song From That Movie feels pretty much unrivalled.

That Song From That Movie researches the history of the track(s) being discussed in detail and present this in an informal, relaxed way with plenty of pop culture trivia and titbits. Dietrich, Alex and Ben have a warm presenting style, with plenty of jokes and banter for a jovial listening experience. 

Most episodes of That Song From That Movie focuses on the signature songs that so vividly invoke the movies they’re from, but occasionally they’ll discuss a complete soundtrack, such as the recommended episode below on Disney’s Mulan. 

A good original song has the power to make a movie great. It also makes That Song From That Movie great.

Recommended episode: The Songs of Mulan (10 September 2020) – https://bit.ly/tsftm-mulan 

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