Our podcast recommendation of the week? That’d be the hugely acclaimed The Cinemile, which continues to from strength to strength.

As movie lovers, most of us are waiting with bated breath for the day when we can all safely return to cinemas. While having the few releases we have had available to stream has been a welcome distraction during lockdown, there’s nothing quite like going to the cinema, and this week’s recommended podcast is all about digesting and discussing what you’ve just seen on the walk home (and it’s award-winning too!)

Married couple Dave and Cathy’s regular trips to the local cinema became the ideal establishment for recording a podcast. Dave was always keen to create a podcast, but Cathy was reluctant to commit to the time for a normal recording set up. A eureka moment occurred. Why not just record their post-watch conversation that they would have had anyway, during their walk home?

Sometimes the simplest ideas reap the greatest rewards, and The Cinemile became a unique, concise, fascinating concept where Dave could create the podcast he wanted to do, and Cathy didn’t have to commit to any additional work (apart from the usual social media management).

In a way, the success of The Cinemile is down to its simplicity, as well as the natural charm and chemistry between Cathy and Dave (like most couples, they do have their on-air disagreements!). It’s a personal and intimate experience for them, to not only share their thoughts post-cinema (or post-home watch during the pandemic), but that their family has expanded around The Cinemile. Since starting the podcast they have become proud parents to two little boys, who have grown as the podcast has grown. As their sons were achieving milestones, so were Dave and Cathy through their passion for The Cinemile.

And boy, has this podcast achieved! The Cinemile won Best New Podcast at the 2017 British Podcast Awards, something both Cathy and Dave admit took them completely by surprise. Other accolades achieved so far include being a Webby Awards honouree, and New Statesman deeming The Cinemile one of their Podcasts of the Year in 2017. They’ve also appeared at Latitude Festival in 2019, recording an on-stage episode with director Asif Kapadia.

The inevitable switch from cinema to home hasn’t erased any of The Cinemile’s charm either. Cathy and Dave still go for walks after their small screen viewings, often with their young sons in tow. This is a terrific podcast, with genuine hilarity, candid and enthusiastic conversation, and a down-to-earth couple at the centre.

The Cinemile is award-winning, and additionally it’s now Film Stories endorsed. Take a walk with The Cinemile, and you’ll see why it’s so acclaimed.

Recommended episode: Episode 220: Promising Young Woman (24 April 2021) – https://www.thecinemile.com/episodes-list/2021/4/24/episode-220-promising-young-woman 

The Cinemile can be found at https://www.thecinemile.com  

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