This week’s movie podcast recommendation is one that blends together the movies and food: meet The Movie Chef Podcast.

Imagine, if you will, that you own a fancy restaurant. In the main seating area, your customers arrive and decide what they want to eat, and the kitchen hastily prepares the meal. The kitchen is hectic and loud, food has to be prepared in the right order, with precise ingredients, delivered while it’s piping hot and presented in a way appealing to the eye. Tasting great is a given, and if the customers are happy with their meal, they’ll come back for more another day. They might even stick you a five-star rating and review on TripAdvisor if you’re lucky.

Podcasting is, in many ways, like running a restaurant. It’s all about delivering episodes to a listener, and making sure the quality is consistently good, because you want that listener to return again and again. Two guys who know about both the culinary and audio worlds, are Tebbs and Cormac, and they run The Movie Chef Podcast.

Having worked together in pub kitchens, as well as studying film at university in Carlisle, Tebbs and Cormac were ideally placed to set up The Movie Chef Podcast and provide their own unique menu of film chat, news, reviews and trivia. Like Gordon Ramsay, there’s also a bit of swearing involved.

You can’t have a movie podcast without a little bit of spice, and according to Tebbs, it’s Cormac who brings a unique flavour to The Movie Chef Podcast. Cormac is the Executive Host, whereas Tebbs (a self-confessed control freak!) manages the social media and other behind the scenes tasks. It’s important to these guys that the menu is fresh and varied each week, and consists of brand new releases, as well as throwbacks. One of their proudest moments as a podcast was interviewing Jeffrey Weissman – Back To The Future Part 2 & 3’s George McFly, who even took time out of his Thanksgiving morning to chat to Tebbs and Cormac.

With any podcast started in lockdown, coming back out of lockdown and into the real world has been tough on both hosts, especially with families to prioritise, however podcasting with your buddy is great for your mental health and well being, and so both are committed to cooking up more delectable delights with The Movie Chef Podcast for the foreseeable future. Our compliments to the chefs!

Say a big Yes Chef! to The Movie Chef Podcast.

Recommended episode: Season 1, Episode 46 (6 December 2020) – Jeffrey Weissman! – 

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