Our movie podcast choice this week? That’d be The Podcast That Nobody Asked For (but it’s worth listening to anyway).

Truthfully, I’d wager you don’t ask for any podcast we recommend here at Film Stories. However we recommend each one for good reason. This week’s podcast is, genuinely, The Podcast Nobody Asked For, but you’re going to be glad we gave it to you anyway.

Many people turned to podcasting during the Coronavirus lockdowns, whether to just keep in touch with friends or stave away furlough boredom. Friends Ian Harries and Graham Jones originally had a podcast idea called ‘Midsommar of 69’, where they watched the Ari Aster folk horror movie Midsommar 69 times. That podcast never got off the ground though, and instead they decided to take the hypothetical film-based arguments they had together, and turn that into The Podcast Nobody Asked For.


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The concept is simple but effective. Each week Ian and Graham discuss a series of movie related topics, the more outlandish the better, such as Fictional Pets We’d Like to Own and Terrible People in Romantic Comedies. They debate and discuss the topics in a hilarious, irreverent way, and compile a top three list based on that topic to discuss further. The title for the podcast is purely based on the fact that nobody asked them for this podcast, but they’re doing it anyway. 

The Podcast Nobody Asked For is made further distinctive by Ian and Graham’s insistence to put references to Midsommar in every episode. They’re big fans of that movie, if you hadn’t already guessed. They also do a monthly bonus episode, called The League Of Good Bad Movies, where they talk about one bad movie, in its entirety, that listeners vote on. 

Ian and Graham are such passionate, knowledgeable and amiable hosts. It’s hard to find a fairly unique idea for a movie podcast, but the concept behind The Podcast Nobody Asked For is so vague and interesting, it makes it stand out even more in the movie podcast landscape. It’s definitely a worthy addition to your podcast queue, especially if you like easily bingeable movie debates with genuinely likeable hosts. Plus if you love the movie Midsommar, then you’ll find your kindred spirits for life in Ian and Graham.

The Podcast Nobody Asked For? More like The Podcast Everybody Asked For.


Recommended episode: Episode 21 – (25 February 2021) – Villains Who Have A Point https://thepodcastnobodyaskedfor.co.uk/episode/villains-who-have-a-point 


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