Our weekly spot where we recommend a UK movie podcast we reckon you’ll enjoy has a teen movie flavour this time around.

Teen movies are often dismissed by cinephiles as being inconsequential fluff, but often they’re the first examples of cinema we watch as a young person; safe enough for a child to watch but with hidden meanings that often only adults will fully understand. Teen films are actually a valuable lynchpin of cinema.

Searching for a high school-based teen movie podcast is like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie, but don’t fret, because Yearbook Committee is here to help.

Hosted by long-time friends Emma Kathryn and Paul Costello, they loved chatting about teen movies but had no idea what sort of outlet could channel their love for the genre. They ended up making a spreadsheet of over 500 movies before deciding to create a podcast. In fact, Emma cites Paul’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the teen movie genre as one of the most interesting facts behind Yearbook Committee!

Yearbook Committee selects a common teen movie trope or theme each episode, and selects three (sometimes four) teen movies based on that theme and uses this to link and dissect each movie, discuss what’s great about them and why you should watch them. What, like it’s hard? Well, if it is, Yearbook Committee make it look easy. It’s not just teen comedies they focus on either, but also coming-of-age movies, teen thrillers and horror.

Emma and Paul’s friendship is key to the success of Yearbook Committee. They plan everything behind the scenes together and split tasks like editing 50/50. This podcast is both beauty and brains, no makeover montage required.

Yearbook Committee is passionate about teen movies, their cultural importance, the subversion of the preoccupation of defining young people with labels, and the fact that these movies are never made by actual teenagers, but rather grown adults who obviously used to be teenagers at one point. If it’s not a reflection of the filmmakers’ youth, then why did they make it? All excellent reasons why you should be tuning in!

You go Glen Coco! Listen to Yearbook Committee now!

Recommended episode: Season 1, Episode 5: The Mean Friend – Mean Girls, Heathers, Jawbreaker (19 May 2019) – http://bit.ly/yearbookmeanfriend 

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