In our spot on the site where we chat about mental health and wellbeing, a few thoughts on having something for you.

Hello and a very warm welcome to Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters. Appreciating at some point we should come up with a nattier name for this, it’s our spot on the site where we chat about things that may be affecting people. We don’t offer miracle cures or anything incredibly useful like that. But we do hope that over the course of this series of articles, there’s something of use to you.

Nothing radical to chat to you about this week, but hopefully something helpful. I, as well as many of you, have been having a few bumps over the past few weeks. Some of my own making, some not, but all encroaching on my headspace and my ability to comfortably get through a day.

More and more I’ve been leaning towards trying to find something I consider a small happy blast if I’m in the midst of my head starting to overfill. A release valve, something that’s for me. It was a trick I got into during the early days of my previous job, where I found myself writing about pretty much every hobby I had to some degree. I loved it, but I soon learned the value in carving of some elements I wouldn’t write about. That I could sit back and enjoy something, without any pressure or ties attached to it.

To some degree, I’ve always looked for that in whatever job or role I’ve been in. It’s not always easy, but at the moment, I try and take 20 minutes out to talk away from whatever I’m doing and play a game. Or read a book. Or sometimes just to have a lie down and I close my eyes. I don’t sleep – that’s a whole article for another time – but I do try and stop.

None of this is foolproof of course, but I do find that I have to break cycles in mini-ways if I can, and these are some of the tactics that I use to do so. Things that I don’t have to put out into the world in any way, that I can just enjoy or try and relax with, and crucially small things that I can try wherever I am. Having just a little escape at hand has been very, very helpful to me.

Do you have something similar? Do let us know in the comments below. But most importantly as always, do try and keep safe and well. If things are getting a little bit tricky, don’t forget to say hello in the comments. We’re all human beings down there, behind the pretend names…!

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