34 brilliant books about the movies

Simon Brew | 18th September 2020
Looking for something to read? Here’s a whole bunch of film books we heartily recommend, and we’ll be adding to this list a lot in the coming weeks

Batman Forever, and its villain problem

Mark Harrison | 17th September 2020
Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey famously didn’t get on when making Batman Forever, but could the film have used that? Mark reconsiders two mismatched villains

Whatever happened to THX?

Simon Brew | 11th September 2020
THX was sparked by George Lucas’ frustration with the presentation of his Star Wars films – but it’s been some time since the famous THX trailers have played before new film releases

Film Quiz Friday: Versus Mode!

Mark Harrison | 11th September 2020
Let’s get ready to rumble! Versus movies, long-running franchises, and the 12A certificate are among the subjects in this week’s film quiz