Here are the answers to our quiz from 10th December 2021 – how did you do?

1. What is the full title of the first film in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

2. Which British horror film is set on the Hebridean island of Summerisle?

The Wicker Man

3. Born this week, who connects the title roles in Iris, Philomena, and Mrs Brown?

Judi Dench

4. What is the name of Amy Adams’ character in Enchanted?


5. Which sci-fi comedy has the tagline “Number 5 is alive”?

Short Circuit

6. Who plays Barbara Minerva, aka Cheetah, in Wonder Woman 1984?

Kristen Wiig

7. “If I Were A Rich Man” is a song from which musical adaptation?

Fiddler On The Roof

8. Eight Crazy Nights is an animated Hannukah film starring which comedy actor?

Adam Sandler, as in Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights

9. Which World War II action film sees Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood raid a German fortress?

Where Eagles Dare

10. Who directed the big-screen Bottom spin-off Guest House Paradiso – Rik Mayall or Adrian Edmondson?

Adrian Edmondson (both men starred in and co-wrote the film)

11. Spielberg has won two Best Director Oscars to date, for Schindler’s List and which other film?

Saving Private Ryan

12. Who plays T.S. Quint in 1975’s Jaws?

Robert Shaw

13. What is the name of the prototype mecha child played by Haley Joel Osment in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence?


14. Devils Tower in Wyoming is the setting for the finale of which 1977 film?

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

15. Which actor has appeared in more Spielberg-directed films to date – Harrison Ford or Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks, who has appeared in 5 films (Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal, Bridge Of Spies, and The Post) whereas Spielberg has made 4 Indiana Jones films with Ford and isn’t directing the upcoming fifth one.

16. Which Roald Dahl book did Spielberg adapt for the screen in 2016?


17. Who plays Tinker Bell in 1991’s Hook?

Julia Roberts

18. Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Garner, and Amy Adams all have early roles in which 2002 Spielberg film?

Catch Me If You Can

19. 2011’s War Horse is set during which war?

The First World War

20. Pat Welsh is best loved as the voice of which film’s title character?

E.T., in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

21. In the news! And Just Like That… is a new HBO series set after the events of which TV and movie franchise?

Sex And The City

22. What profession connects the films High Life, The Right Stuff, and Ad Astra?

They all feature astronauts

23. Complete the title of the 1987 animated film about talking household appliances – The Brave Little

… Toaster

24. Which future Oscar winner plays “next karate kid” Julie Pierce in 1994’s The Next Karate Kid?

Hilary Swank

25. What number connects a musical drama and a post-apocalyptic animated film, both released in cinemas in 2009?

9 (as in Shane Acker’s 9, and Rob Marshall’s Nine)

26. Also in the news! Which horror film’s screenplay was named as the best of the 21st century to date in a new list published by the Writer’s Guild of America?

Get Out (read more on that here)

27. The Smell Of Fear and The Final Insult are sequels to which comedy movie?

The Naked Gun, numbers 2½ and 33⅓

28. Who connects the movies Grosse Pointe Blank, Say Anything…, and School Of Rock?

Joan Cusack (John’s not in School Of Rock)

29. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, which 2014 disaster movie takes place in the ancient city of the same name?


30. And finally, which movie star has lent his voice to a baby, a dog, a raccoon, and the LEGO version of himself?

Bruce Willis, in the Look Who’s Talking movies, Rugrats Go Wild, Over The Hedge, and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, respectively.

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