Here are the answers to our quiz from 11th December 2020 – how did you do?

1. Named for the novel’s US title, which fantasy film is based on Northern Lights by Philip Pullman?

The Golden Compass

2. In which country is Mad Max set?


3. The Wet Bandits are characters in which Christmas film?

Home Alone

4. In E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, what brand of American sweets does Elliott use to lure E.T. into his house?

Reese’s Pieces

5. In which crime comedy does Samuel L Jackson play chemist Elmo McElroy?

The 51st State

6. What is the full title of the second Muppet movie?

The Great Muppet Caper

7. What is Wart’s real first name in Disney’s The Sword In The Stone?

Arthur (as in King Arthur!)

8. All celebrating birthdays this week, Mos Def, John Malkovich, and Bill Nighy co-starred in which sci-fi comedy?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

9. Which actor plays Don Diego de la Vega in The Mask Of Zorro?

Anthony Hopkins (Antonio Banderas plays Alejandro, his successor)

10. Which film earned Arnold Schwarzenegger a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor?

Junior (He lost out to Hugh Grant for Four Weddings And A Funeral)

11. What weapon does Wonder Woman use to compel enemies to tell the truth?

A lasso

12. In which decade is 2009’s Watchmen primarily set?

The 1980s

13. Who plays Lois Lane in the Superman movies of the 1970s and 1980s?

Margot Kidder

14. Anne Hathaway is one of two Oscar winners to have played Catwoman – who is the other?

Halle Berry, in 2004’s Catwoman

15. Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, and Michael Fassbender starred in which DC western?

Jonah Hex

16. Arthur Curry is the alter-ego of which Justice League member?


17. Which hero does Helen Slater play in a 1984 film?

Supergirl, in Supergirl

18. What is Hal Jordan’s day job in 2011’s Green Lantern?

He’s a test pilot

19. Which DC-backed movie features appearances by King Kong, Lord Voldemort, and the Daleks?

The LEGO Batman Movie

20. Who plays Superman actor George Reeves in 2006’s Hollywoodland?

Ben Affleck

21. “There’s no place like home!” is the final line of which classic family film?

The Wizard Of Oz

22. What colour connects Derek Cianfrance’s Valentine, Kathryn Bigelow’s Steel, and Rapman’s Story?


23. What type of animals get into a flooded Florida home in the 2019 creature feature Crawl?


24. Millicent Clyde, Phoenix Buchanan, and Knuckles McGinty are characters in which family film franchise?


25. Which 1987 film sees Sylvester Stallone’s Lincoln Hawk battle to win the World Arm Wrestling Championship?

Over The Top (it ain’t half, either)

26. Who directed 28 Days Later?

Danny Boyle

27. Which luxury cruise liner first tipped upside down in 1972, sank some more in 1979, and then rolled again in a 2006 remake?

The SS Poseidon (in The Poseidon Adventure, its sequel Beyond The Poseidon Adventure, and the remake Poseidon)

28. Complete the trilogy – Desperado, El Mariachi

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

29. Who plays aspiring West End singer Kate Andrich in Last Christmas?

Emilia Clarke

30. And finally, what’s the topical connection between a wrestling announcer, a theatre usher, and a French maître d’?

They’re Bruce Campbell’s characters in the Spider-Man movies, and any one of them might be in the next instalment…!

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