Here are the answers to our quiz from 2nd April 2021 – how did you do?

1. Which sci-fi film revolves around a hunt for Easter eggs in the virtual world of the Oasis?

Ready Player One

2. Who plays Alfie in Alfie?

Michael Caine

3. Which werewolf movie connects Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, and Liam Cunningham?

Dog Soldiers

4. Which American king of England did John Goodman play in a comedy of the same name?

King Ralph, in King Ralph

5. Born this week, who plays Frank in 2014’s Frank?

Michael Fassbender

6. How many bridesmaid’s dresses has Katherine Heigl’s character worn in the romantic comedy of the same name?

27 dresses, in 27 Dresses

7. Who plays US Army Captain Colter Stevens in Source Code?

Jake Gyllenhaal

8. Complete the title of the Pierce Brosnan volcano movie – Dante’s

… Peak

9. Who directed American Graffiti?

George Lucas

10. What kind of animal is Dunston in Dunston Checks In?

He’s an orangutan

11. What monster was released by Laurence Olivier in 1981 and Liam Neeson in 2010?

The Kraken! (In Clash Of The Titans and its remake)

12. Which video-game adaptation stars Dwayne Johnson opposite a big gorilla, a big wolf, and a big crocodile?


13. Which New York landmark is destroyed on the posters for 2008’s Cloverfield?

The Statue of Liberty

14. Which long-running horror comedy franchise features giant sandworms called Graboids?


15. What is the fictional marshmallow brand whose mascot Ray manifests as the Destroyer in Ghostbusters?


16. How many heads does Godzilla’s archenemy King Ghidorah have?

3 (as first seen in 1964’s Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster)

17. Which Hollywood kaiju movie features giant robots called Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka?

Pacific Rim

18. In 1954’s Them!, what type of giant irradiated insects are unleashed upon New Mexico?


19. In which Scandinavian country is 2010’s Troll Hunter set?


20 Which monster did Patrick Stewart present a Lifetime Achievement award to at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards – Godzilla or King Kong?

Godzilla (“Unfortunately, Godzilla can’t be with us tonight…”)

21. Who plays Jesus Christ in 1988’s The Last Temptation Of Christ?

Willem Dafoe

22. Which country connects Before Sunset, The Dirty Dozen, and The Man In The Iron Mask?


23. In which 1984 film does Prince star as The Kid?

Purple Rain

24. Jack-Jack Attack and Auntie Edna are short films set in which animated franchise?

The Incredibles

25. How many Planet Of The Apes films have been released to date?

9 (5 in the original series, then Tim Burton’s 2001 remake, then three with Andy Serkis as Caesar)

26. What is the name of the six-foot-tall rabbit that only James Stewart can see in the 1950 comedy of the same name?

Harvey, in Harvey

27. Who plays Norman Bates in Psycho and its sequels?

Anthony Perkins

28. Hearts Of Darkness is a documentary about the making of which 1979 war movie?

Apocalypse Now

29. Which British pop group performed “Rule The World”, the theme song to 2007’s Stardust?

Take That

30. And finally, in which 1989 film does Samuel L Jackson play DJ Mister Señor Love Daddy?

Do The Right Thing

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