In November 2018, we launched the UK’s newest monthly film magazine, FILM STORIES. Since then, we’ve published hundreds of pages, given breaks to loads of new writers, and talked about all sorts of films, big and small. Oh, and we’ve showcased a whole bunch of primarily British films on our covers, that weren’t getting covers anywhere else.

Film Stories Magazine

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Each issue of the magazine features:

  • At least 100 pages, crammed with news, reviews, features, interviews and mayhem
  • Writers you’ve not met before, with opportunity for new talent at the heart of the magazine
  • A mix of films you’ve heard of, and films you haven’t! All of which we want to hoist on our shoulders
  • Regular columns on filmmaking, screenwriting and mental health
  • And sooooo much more.

You can buy individual issues of the magazine at £5.99 apiece, and you can take advantage of subscription discounts right here.

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