Our podcast recommendation of the week? That’d be a show dedicated to the kind of films that, well, don’t often get a lot of podcast support.

When you think of Hallmark, you might think of the famous greetings card company, the phrase Hallmark holiday, you might even think of the character Rainbow Brite or the crayon company Crayola, both of which owned by Hallmark. Okay, you might not think of the latter two. 

Undoubtedly the most famous Hallmark brand is the Hallmark Movie, original made-for-TV movies, usually shown on Hallmark’s own TV channel. Always family friendly, uplifting and inspirational, the company makes approximately 30 of these movies a year, of varying quality.

Is there a podcast dedicated to discussing and highlighting these undiscovered gems? Why yes, there is. It is Hallmark Of Greatness, and its aim is to bring your attention to these movies (from Hallmark and Lifetime) that you may have avoided, due to their lineage. But Hallmark Of Greatness argues that there is majesty in these movies.

Case in point; where else can you find Saved By The Bell’s A.C Slater, actor Mario Lopez, portraying legendary purveyor of fried chicken, Colonel Sanders? (See recommended episode below – yes, it is a real movie!)

Speaking of secret recipes, Hallmark Of Greatness has a mix of hosts, the human version of the famous blend of eleven herbs and spices: Craig, Anthony and Joe host the main show, and the spin-off Last Orders is hosted by Joe, Berni and James. The podcast came about after spending last December watching a Christmas movie every day, and although the quality varied, each one was a fun discussion the next day and let’s be honest not many podcasts talk about Hallmark movies; it’s definitely a unique concept!

You might think it’d be hard to be positive about made-for-TV movies, but Hallmark Of Greatness makes it easy. They’re enthusiastic and funny, while also being honest about the ahem shortcomings of these low-budget, often cliched, formulaic movies. They do genuinely believe, though, that there are great Hallmark movies out there. They admit to be massively surprised by some of these movies, despite their predictability and often bad acting. 

Who doesn’t secretly love a cheesy, romantic story where the two attractive people end up together at the end? You might not find your favourite movie ever on Lifetime or Hallmark, but you’ll have fun watching, and you’ll definitely have fun listening to this podcast afterwards.

Hallmark Of Greatness… the name says it all, really.

Recommended episode: Episode 16 (31 May 2021) – Recipe for Seduction –  https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/recipe-for-seduction/id1548205539?i=1000523694041 

Hallmark of Greatness can be found at https://goodpods.app.link/1A4odYbvxgb 

And followed at:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/hallmarkofgreat 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hallmarkofgreatness 

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