Paul Verhoeven will be re-teaming with his Robocop scribe, Edward Neumeier, for a brand new erotic thriller.

Paul Verhoeven has announced that he is planning to ‘innovate’ the erotic thriller genre, 30 years after bringing it to the forefront of Hollywood’s attention with Basic Instinct. The filmmaker’s most recent movie, Bendetta, a biographical drama about a lesbian nun, has seen some good reviews, and it looks like for his next project Verhoeven is keen to revisit one of the genre that cemented his status as one of Hollywood’s most provocative filmmakers of the 1990s.

For the project, Verhoeven is collaborating with the screenwriter of two of his other high-profile films of that era. Ed Neumeier scripted both Robocop and Starship Troopers for Verhoeven, two films which were equally provocative in their own way.

According to Neumeier, the plot of the new film will be as follows: ‘Set in Washington, D.C., the story follows a young female staffer who works for a powerful Senator.’

She will be “drawn into a web of international intrigue and danger, and of course there is also a little sex,” Neumeier added.

Exactly how Verhoeven and Neumeier are looking to ‘innovate’ the genre remains to be seen, but we can imagine that making an erotic thriller in 2022 will be a markedly different experience to making one in 1992, so there might be some ‘innovations’ that the director himself may have to get used to. The pair have already made contact with sources in Washington, according to reports,  to ensure the details of their setting are accurate. We’ll bring you more as we hear it.


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