Just a few words about Film Stories, the next week or two, and how everything is going: all best enjoy with a nice coffee.

Hello! First and foremost, I hope these words find you safe and well. I continue to thank you for your support of Film Stories in its many different forms, and genuinely appreciate your time and brainspace.

This is one of my irregular updates about what we’re up to, and advising of a bit of downtime too. I’d best start with that bit.

Summer break

I think most of you know that Film Stories is entirely independent, with a small team burrowing away to keep it all live and kicking. We also work on a strict rule of everybody being paid for their work. These two things generally mean there’s very little money in the pot, and as such, when we shut down for a summer or Christmas break, there’s no budget to get any cover in.

As such, this is the last day of regular posting on this site until Monday 9th August, as our team just has a week or so of breathe out time. Furthermore, the Film Stories podcast is now on its summer break too, and will return a few weeks into August. Please come back to us when we come back!


We’ve just completed and put on sale two new magazines issue 27 of Film Stories magazine and issue 7 of Film Stories Junior. You can buy them both here, but also, if there’s anything you can do to help spread the word, I can’t tell you how much that helps. Our miniscule budget goes to paying writers, which leaves nothing for marketing and promotion. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle really, which I’m not grumbling about (much), but if you can help us push the magazine, that’d be amazing and appreciated.

Live events

Appreciating that we’re in a period where the world is opening up but also cases are rising, the events we’re planning are obviously subject to change. But at the moment, two dates to put in your diary.

Wednesday 8th September: Film Stories podcast 200 live record – in conversation with a film director, in London. Details soon. Tickets will go on sale first to Patreon backers as a thank you to their invaluable support in keeping this website and the podcast going.

Wednesday 29th September: our Movie Geek Live show in Birmingham is back, at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham.

More event announcements are coming too, including hopefully something really rather special for Christmas. But not announcing things officially until they’re all confirmed.

And most importantly…

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you. To the small team who fight to keep Film Stories in its many guises on the road, but also very, very much to your good selves. It’s been quite a three years and a bit to get this far, and somehow it’s all still going. Touch wood we can continue to do so. But the main thing remains: you all look after yourselves. You stay self and well. And thank you so, so much.

See you again in a week or two,

Simon Brew
Editor/founder/coffee drinker
Film Stories

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