Yet another Star Wars movie is reportedly in the works – and yet another interesting creator is involved, according to the rumour mill. 

Unless you count delays or rumours, it’s been a while since we heard any news about cinematic Star Wars projects. Following the critical drubbing faced by Lucasfilm that reached a peak with the release of 2019’s The Rise Of Skywalker, the company seemed to be poising itself for a comeback of sorts around a year ago as news of several projects surfaced.

However, despite Marvel Cinematic Universe impresario Kevin Feige’s Star Wars film hiring a writer over a year ago, news has been scant there, whilst Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has seen her Rogue Squadron film removed from the production schedule indefinitely.

Whilst things may yet be quiet for a while to come, reports have surfaced that Damon Lindelof is rumoured to be working on a Star Wars film, the latest interesting name to be attached to a movie project set in A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Lindelof has a fairly divisive history when it comes to working with existing (and beloved) franchises. His Star Trek film, Into Darkness proved to be very contentious with fans, whilst his unique take on the Watchmen graphic novel took a book that many considered unfilmable and created something wonderful out of it. Certainly, for a cinematic franchise like Star Wars which has become somewhat stale, a Watchmen-like approach could be the breath of fresh air that the series needs. Lindelof of course also has the TV series Lost to his name.

It’s another rumour for Star Wars fans to wrestle with, with Lindelof joining names like Jenkins, Feige and Taika Waititi as creators working on big screen Star Wars projects. How soon any of them come to fruition is anybody’s guess, and until they do fans will have to be content with the slew of small screen series that are coming to Disney+.

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