Danny Boyle was originally set to direct the latest James Bond film – but as Daniel Craig explains, it ultimately didn’t work out.

There’s an obvious reason why the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, has taken as long to get to us as it has. But also, it’d already been delayed to its original release date in spring 2020 when it lost its director.


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There had been a plan that Danny Boyle – who directed, of course, the moment when Daniel Craig’s Bond met the Queen as part of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony – would helm the movie. He signed up too, along with writer John Hodge. However, after a little while it became clear that things weren’t quite gelling with Boyle’s ideas and those of the Bond production team. He would depart the movie, and Cary Joji Fukunaga would join the film instead.

Craig has been asked about Boyle’s exit from the film in a new interview with EW, and he declared “I’m a huge fan of Danny, and I’d love, love to work with him. It didn’t work out. The problem is, with a Bond movie, there’s no hiding place. It happens all the time in movies. You work with directors, you work with writers, and you get to a point and you go ‘it’s not working, sorry’ and you move on”.

Which is what happened.

Craig added that “it’s just in a Bond movie it becomes this huge event that gets blown into something else”, and that “I’ve got massive, massive respect for Danny. I love him very much. Swing and a miss, you know”.

He also confirmed that when Boyle left the film, they pretty much started again from the beginning on the path to what would become No Time To Die.

Boyle instead directed his attention to the musical movie Yesterday, that was a solid hit back in 2019. No Time To Die is, meanwhile, finally playing in UK cinemas. Although you might have noticed that…

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