The brand new Predator film that’s in development at Disney might not be heading to cinemas after all, it seems.

Some careful reading of legal documents by fans has revealed that Hulu, the Disney-owned US streaming platform, has exclusive rights to the upcoming Predator film by Dan Trachtenberg. The film, originally codenamed Skulls, was set to release as a surprise addition to the Predator franchise, until fans discovered back in November that Trachtenberg’s film was actually the latest addition to the long-running science-fiction action series.

Now it appears that the film’s release strategy may have been set to emulate that of The Cloverfield Paradox, which just dropped unannounced onto streaming platforms and developed the Cloverfield series without any build-up whatsoever.

Whilst a Predator movie just dropping onto streaming without any fanfare would have been a very cool and fitting way to reintroduce the hunter-killer alien who has made a career out of dropping in from nowhere to make something of a splash, now the jig is up (and has been since November), we can’t help but be a little disappointed that Disney hasn’t altered its release strategy. Although, of course, given that none of this has been confirmed by the Mouse, things may have changed.

Whilst 2018’s The Predator did little to improve the state of the ailing franchise (and that’s an understatement and a half), we’d argue that a cinema release is still key to maintaining its status as a major action series. Still, at least here in the UK, there’s still the hope that we can see the film on the big screen as we don’t get Hulu here. More as we hear it.


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