A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until October 2021 – here’s what’s arriving and when.

Here, then, are a few of the upcoming dates for new movies on DVD and Blu-ray that may not yet have been officially announced. Note that all dates are for the UK.

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Obviously in the current climate everything is subject to change, of course…


18th January: Light Sleeper (Eureka)
18th January: Bill & Ted Face The Music
18th January: The Don Is Dead (Eureka)
18th January: The Valachi Papers (Charles Bronson)
18th January: The Valdez Horses (Charles Bronson)
18th January: Joint Security Area (Park Chan-wook)
18th January: Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion (Criterion)
18th January: The Tin Drum (Criterion)
18th January: Buster Keaton: Three Films (Volume 2)
18th January: The African Queen (Eureka)
18th January: Housekeeping
18th January: Blue Sky
18th January: Relic
18th January: Collective
18th January: The Broken Hearts Gallery
18th January: The Intergalactic Adventures Of Max Cloud
25th January: 23 Walks
25th January: Geronimo: An American Legend
25th January: Southland Tales
25th January: Oldboy
25th January: Schemers
25th January: The Masque Of The Red Death
25th January: The Gunfighter (Gregory Peck)
25th January: Blind Date
25th January: Airport 1 to 4 boxset
25th January: Star Trek Picard Season One
25th January: Rolling Thunder Venue (Scorsese, The Criterion Collection)
25th January: Gamera – The Showa Era
25th January: Gamera – The Heisei Era
25th January: Doctor Who – Revolution Of The Daleks
25th January: LX-2048
25th January: Body Of Water
25th January: Looted


1st February: I Am Woman
1st February: Saint Maud
1st February: Muscle
1st February: Bridget Jones: 20 Years Of Bridget
1st February: Beyond Re-Animator
1st February: The El Duce Tapes
1st February: The Nightingale Limited Edition
1st February: A Perfect Planet (David Attenborough)
1st February: Tammy & The T-Rex (Denise Richards)
1st February: The Faculty
1st February: From Dusk Til Dawn trilogy
1st February: Scary Movie boxset (the first three films)
1st February: The Aviator
1st February: Cop Land
1st February: City Of God
1st February: Little Voice
1st February: Hero
1st February: Sin City
1st February: The Talented Mr Ripley
1st February: Halloween three movie collection
1st February: Echo In The Canyon (Tom Petty)
1st February: Clerks
1st February: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
1st February: Serendipity
1st February: Cold Mountain
1st February: The Others
1st February: Ella Enchanted
1st February: Spy Kids trilogy
1st February: Highlander IV
1st February: Finding Neverland
1st February: Starsky & Hutch
5th February: John Williams – Live In Vienna
8th February: Possessor
8th February: Cyberbully
8th February: Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite
8th February: Cats & Dogs trilogy
8th February: Doctor Who 50th anniversary steelbook
15th February: Columbia Noir #2
15th February: Summer Days With Coo
15th February: The Snorkel (Hammer)
15th February: Cash On Demand
15th February: Charade (The Criterion Collection)
15th February: The Ascent (The Criterion Collection)
15th February: Never Take Sweets From A Stranger
15th February: Captain Earth collection
15th February: Nowhere To Run (Van Damme)
15th February: Double Team (Van Damme)
15th February: Maximum Risk (Van Damme)
15th February: The Last Warning (Masters Of Cinema)
15th February: It’s A Sin (Russell T Davies)
15th February: Breeder
15th February: Batman: Soul Of The Dragon
15th February: The Secret Garden
15th February: Richie Rich
15th February: Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman)
15th February: 8 Mile
15th February: It’s In The Air (George Formby)
15th February: Cash On Demand
15th February: The Stud/The Bitch double pack (Joan Collins)
15th February: Land Of The Dead
22nd February: Mogul Mowgli
22nd February: Lovecraft Country season one
22nd February: Shogun’s Joy Of Torture
22nd February: Demons 1 and 2 (Arrow)
22nd February: Primer & Upstream Color
22th February: The Story Of Gilbert & Sullivan
22nd February: The Grand Budapest Hotel (The Criterion Collection)
22nd February: Murphy’s Law
22nd February: Skylin3s
22nd February: Pulse (Eureka Classics)
22nd February: Host (2020)
22nd February: MLK/FBI
22nd February: State Secret
22nd February: The Buddy Holly Story
22nd February: Harry And The Hendersons
22nd February: Malena


1st March: Restless Natives
1st March: Jungleland
1st March: Raw Force
1st March: A Discovery Of Witches season 2
1st March: The Owners
1st March: Hellraiser Revelations
1st March: Hellraiser Judgement
8th March: Doctor Who series 8
8th March: John Hughes five movie collection
8th March: Children Of The Sea
8th March: Machen In Uniform
8th March: Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads
8th March: Michael Palin – Travels Of A Lifetime
8th March: Bulletproof series 3 – The South Africa Specials
8th March: Romeo Is Bleeding
8th March: The Craft – Legacy
8th March: The Craft and The Craft – Legacy double pack
8th March: Kagemusha (Criterion)
15th March: Humanoids From The Deep
15th March: VIY (Masters Of Cinema)
15th March: The Invisible Man/The Invisible Man vs The Human Fly double pack
15th March: Accused (Patrick Swayze)
15th March: Assault On Station 33
22nd March: Short Circuit 2
22nd March: Fire Sale (Alan Arkin)
22nd March: The Criminal Code
22nd March: The Twentieth Century
22nd March: Things Change
22nd March: It Came From Beneath The Sea
22nd March: 20 Million Miles To Earth
22nd March: The Odessa File
22nd March: Pony Express
22nd March: The Rare Breed (James Stewart)
22nd March: Villa Rides (Yul Brynner)
22nd March: Age Of Consent (James Mason)
22nd March: Missing (Jack Lemmon/Sissy Spacek)
22nd March: Castle Keep (Burt Lancaster)
22nd March: The Undoing
22nd March: Bloodhound (Arrow)
22nd March: Castle Keep (Burt Lancaster)
22nd March: It Came From Beneath The Sea
22nd March: Things Change
22nd March: The Odessa File
22nd March: The Sentinel
22nd March: Wonder Woman 1984
22nd March: Let’s Make Love (Marilyn Monroe)
29th March: Urban Legend trilogy boxset
29th March: Snakes In The Eagles Shadow (Jackie Chan)
29th March: Defending Your Life (Criterion)
29th March: Lost In America (Criterion)
29th March: Silent Action (limited edition)
29th March: The Black Windmill


19th April: Dreamland
19th April: Carla’s Song (Ken Loach)
19th April: Fatherland (Ken Loach)
19th April: The Tingler (Vincent Price)
19th April: The Chalk Garden
19th April: 13 Ghosts (William Castle)
19th April: To Sir, With Love
19th April: Mr Sardonicus
19th April: Born Of Fire


21st June: Friendship’s Death


26th July: Django
26th July: Cult Spaghetti Westerns boxset


4th October: Targets
19th October: House Of Ghosts

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