A glimpse at upcoming UK DVD and Blu-ray release dates until summer 2022 – here’s what’s arriving and when.

Here, then, are a few of the upcoming dates for new movies on DVD and Blu-ray that may not yet have been officially announced. Note that all dates are for the UK.

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Just released

9th May: Haunting Of The Bloody Tower
9th May: Lancaster
9th May: Iron Sky and Iron Sky Dictator’s Cut
9th May: Round Midnight (Criterion)
9th May: Lucy Worsley Investigates
9th May: Witness No 3
9th May: The Turncoat
9th May: Sweet Inspirations
9th May: Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
9th May: The Swimmer
9th May: Uncharted
9th May: Queen Elizabeth II: The Greatest Reign
16th May: Marry Me
16th May: Julius Caesar (Charlton Heston)
16th May: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime season 2
16th May: Violent City (Charles Bronson)
16th May: Human Lanterns
16th May: The Good Fight season 5
16th May: Hero
16th May: Too Beautiful To Die
16th May: Paris, 13th District
16th May: Deadline
16th May: The Last Kingdom season 5
16th May: The Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 boxset
16th May: The Battle At Lake Changjin
16th May: Violent City
16th May: Girl’s Nite Out
16th May: You Don’t Know Me
16th May: Don’t Return
16th May: Dog (Channing Tatum)
16th May: Revolver
16th May: Pirates
16th May: Romantic Road
16th May: The Split series 1-3


23rd May: One Of These Days
23rd May: Rolling Thunder
23rd May: The Pemini Organisation (boxset)
23rd May: Connecting Rooms
23rd May: Malignant
23rd May: Bluey: Keepy Uppy and other stories
23rd May: Everything At Once
23rd May: Wild Things limited edition
23rd May: A Day To Die
23rd May: Cat’s Eye
23rd May: Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
23rd May: Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks & Legend of the Sea Devils
23rd May: Murphy’s War
23rd May: Malory Towers
23rd May: Martin Clunes: Islands Of The Pacific
23rd May: Around The World In 80 Days
30th May: Day Of The Dead season 1
30th May: Half A Loaf Of Kung-Fu
30th May: Romper Stomper Collector’s Edition
30th May: Stone
30th May: Twentynine Palms
30th May: Lux Aeterna
30th May: The Last Metro (BFI)
30th May: Le Peau Douce
30th May: Spitfire Over Berlin
30th May: Muhammad Ali – 4 Disc Documentary Collection
30th May: Romper Stomper deluxe edition
30th May: Enter The Void
30th May: Elvis: The Final Years two disc collection
30th May: Double Indemnity (Criterion)
30th May: Vampyr: Masters Of Cinema
30th May: Venus Vs Virus Collection
30th May: Air Collection
30th May: Wrestlemania 38
30th May: Jujutsu Kaisen – Part 1
30th May: Lux Aeterna
30th May: Nothing Underneath
30th May: Inside No 9 series 7
30th May: Gentleman Jack series 2


6th June: Licorice Pizza
6th June: Extreme Prejudice
6th June: Daniel Craig James Bond 5-film collection
6th June: The Killer Meteors
6th June: Raised By Wolves season 1
6th June: The Dam Busters
6th June: Great Freedom
6th June: Grease 2 (Steelbook)
6th June: Lansky
6th June: Narco Sub
6th June: Kill It & Leave This Town
6th June: Tosh
6th June: Dog & Scissors Collection
6th June: The Killer Meteors
6th June: Demonia
6th June: Chuck Steel: Night Of The Trampires
13th June: King Tweety
13th June: Kanon Collection
13th June: Outside The Law (Masters of Cinema)
13th June: The Batman
13th June: Van Der Valk season 2
13th June: The Men
13th June: Last Looks
13th June: Blue Bayou
13th June: Esio Trot
13th June: Dead Man (Criterion)
13th June: Kanon Collection
13th June: Black Clover season 4
13th June: Stay Out
13th June: Alan Clarke At The BBC
13th June: Wrath Of Man
13th June: The Nan Movie
13th June: Death Pursuit
13th June: Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11
13th June: Nine Bullets
13th June: The Thief, His Wife & The Canoe
13th June: Shattered Earth
13th June: Lawrence Of Belgravia
20th June: Targets
20th June: X
20th June: Witness No 3
20th June: Pastor Hall
20th June: Gumshoe (Albert Finney)
20th June: Oleanna
20th June: The Initiation Of Sarah
20th June: Execution In Autumn
20th June: The Shaolin Plot (Eureka Classics)
20th June: Zone Troopers
20th June: Charlie Bubbles
20th June: The Third Secret
20th June: The Mechanic (Charles Bronson)
20th June: Martial Club
20th June: Columbia Noir #5: Humphrey Bogart collection
20th June: The Worst Person In The World
20th June: Force 10 From Navarone
20th June: Pastor Hall
20th June: The Card Counter
20th June: Playground
20th June: Targets
20th June: Endless Night
20th June: Execution In Autumn
20th June: The Initiation Of Sarah
20th June: Edge Of Sanity
20th June: Force 10 From Navarone
20th June: Jailhouse Rock inc soundtrack
24th June: Eric Clapton: Nothing But The Blues
27th June: Chelsea FC season review
27th June: The Appointment
27th June: The Seventh Curse Deluxe Collectors’ Edition
27th June: Mardi Gras Massacre
27th June: Fruits Basket season 2
27th June: Haunting Of The Tower Of London
27th June: You Are My Sunshine
27th June: The Terror season 2
27th June: Shaft (Criterion)
27th June: Black Girl (Criterion)
27th June: Umbrella Academy season 2
27th June: Amityville: A New Generation / Amityville Dollhouse
27th June: Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes / Amityville 1992: It’s About Time
27th June: Amityville Blu-ray collection
27th June: Ennio
27th June: Bisping
27th June: Belle
27th June: Boys On Film 22


4th July: Drive My Car
4th July: Iceland Is Best
4th July: Blacklight (Liam Neeson)
4th July: Summer Time Machine Blues
4th July: Curse Of The Voodoo
4th July: Alice In Borderland
4th July: You Are My Sunshine
8th July: Springsteen & I
11th July: Murdoch Mysteries season 15
11th July: Mary Queen Of Scots (BFI)
11th July: The Rising
11th July: Release The Spyce
11th July: Hitcher In The Dark
11th July: Pickpocket
11th July: Knife Of Ice
18th July: Mad Dog Morgan
18th July: The Scarlet Empress
18th July: Dishonored
18th July: Red Sonja
18th July: Morocco
18th July: Blonde Venus
18th July: Bullfighter & The Lady
18th July: Putney Swope
18th July: Creatures The World Forget boxset
18th July: Shanghai Express
18th July: Fear Index
18th July: Kate & Koji series 2
18th July: Hell High
18th July: Diary Of A Mad Housewife
18th July: Okja (Criterion)
18th July: Universal Terror: three films starring Boris Karloff
25th July: The Gilded Age
25th July: Death Pursuit
25th July: Billion Dollar Brain (Michael Caine)
25th July: The Phantom Of The Open
25th July: Get Carter (Michael Caine)
25th July: Pink Flamingos (Criterion)
25th July: Summertime (Criterion)
25th July: The Silencing
25th July: Giallo Essentials
25th July: Running Out Of Time 1 & 2
25th July: Green Lantern: Beware My Power


1st August: Benedetta
1st August: Luzzu
1st August: The Outfit
8th August: Princess Principal: Crown Handler P1
8th August: Drive (1997)
8th August: The Molly Dineen Collection Vol 4
8th August: L’Argent
8th August: Flying Guillotine 2
8th August: Benediction
8th August: The Trial Of Joan Of Arc
15th August: The John Wayne Collection
18th August: The Last Broadcast
22nd August: Wolf (George MacKay)
22nd August: The Big Country (Gregory Peck)
22nd August: Alan Clarke at the BBC
29th August: Ingmar Bergman vol 3
29th August: Shattered Earth aka Cloudy Mountain
29th August: All My Friends Hate Me


5th September: Burning An Illusion
5th September: The Peacemaker season 1
5th September: Outlander season 6
5th September: Outlander seasons 1-6
5th September: Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars
12th September: Violence In A Women’s Prison
12th September: All The Souls… Except The Dead
19th September: The Seven Per Cent Solution
19th September: Kuhle Wampe
26th September: Three Coins In The Fountain
26th September: Desperately Seeking Susan
26th September: Tony Robinson’s The History Of Britain series 2
26th September: A Passage To India
26th September: Righting Wrongs
26th September: On The Run


3rd October: Red Ghost


23rd November: Better Call Saul season 6

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