A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until January 2022 – here’s what’s arriving and when.

Here, then, are a few of the upcoming dates for new movies on DVD and Blu-ray that may not yet have been officially announced. Note that all dates are for the UK.

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Just released

26th July: Django
26th July: Cult Spaghetti Westerns boxset
26th July: Griff’s Great Kiwi Road Trip
26th July: The Good Doctor season 4
26th July: Red48
26th July: Bringing Up Baby (Criterion)
26th July: The Millionaires Express (Eureka Classics)
26th July: The Violent Professionals
26th July: Robotrix
26th July: Tawny Pipit
26th July: The Mirror (Criterion)
26th July: Babymother (BFI)
26th July: To Be Someone
26th July: Rogue Hostage
26th July: Life In Colour with David Attenborough
26th July: Maya The Bee: The Golden Orb
26th July: Daimajin Collection (Limited Edition)
26th July: Vengeance Tails: four classic westerns (Limited Edition)
26th July: The Violent Professionals
26th July: The Walking Dead seasons 1-10 boxset
26th July: To Be Someone
26th July: Here Comes Your Man
26th July: Inside The Spitfire Factory
26th July: Jungle Run
26th July: Under The Volcano
26th July: The Story Of Film: An Odyssey
26th July: Six Minutes To Midnight
26th July: The Future Diary complete collection

Coming Soon


2nd August: After Love
2nd August: Antebellum
2nd August: The Unholy
2nd August: Peter Rabbit 2
2nd August: Blow Out (Criterion Collection)
2nd August: The Sergio Martino Collection (Arrow)
2nd August: Vanquish
2nd August: El Topo
2nd August: Poster Boys
2nd August: The Holy Mountain (Arrow)
2nd August: Promising Young Woman
2nd August: El Topo (Arrow)
2nd August: Random Acts Of Violence
2nd August: Beast Within
2nd August: Undergods
9th August: Dinner In America (Arrow)
9th August: Running Against The Wind
9th August: Alien Invasion
9th August: Open Range
9th August: Virgin Witch (Limited Edition)
9th August: Scare Me
9th August: First Cow
9th August: Short Circuit 2
9th August: Dinner In America
9th August: Robot Apocalypse
19th August: An Unflinching Eye: The Films Of Richard Woolley
16th August: Great Noises The Fill The Air
16th August: The Pawnbroker
16th August: Pokemon IV: 4Ever
16th August: Pokemon V: Heroes
16th August: Pokemon VII: Destiny Deoxys
16th August: K-On: The Complete Collection
16th August: The Nun & The Devil
16th August: Prophecy (Eureka Classics)
16th August: A Tale Of Two Sisters
16th August: Corruption (Limited Edition)
16th August: Early Universal Vol 1 (Masters Of Cinema)
16th August: Jagged Edge (Limited Edition)
16th August: My Life Is Murder season one
16th August: Tigers Are Not Afraid
16th August: Corruption Limited Edition
16th August: The Bingo Long All-Traveling All-stars & Motor Kings
16th August: Prey
16th August: Modern Romance
16th August: Inseminoid
16th August: Satan’s Slave
16th August: Tigers Are Not Afraid
16th August: The People Next Door (Limited Edition)
16th August: Terror
16th August: Doctor Who – The Web Of Fear
16th August: Just A Gigolo
16th August: Bloody New Year
16th August: Augustus
16th August: Hellraiser 5: Inferno
16th August: Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker
16th August: Hellraiser 7: Deader
16th August: Hellrasier 8: Hellworld
16th August: Spiral: From The Book Of Saw
16th August: Two Of Us
16th August: The Nest
16th August: Mimic: The Director’s Cut
16th August: The Crow
16th August: Halloween H20
16th August: The Cider House Rules
16th August: Great Noises That Fill The Air (BFI)
16th August: Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow)
16th August: The Englishman That Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain
16th August: A Man Called Adam
16th August: Jurassic Hunt
16th August: The Front
23rd August: The River (BFI)
23rd August: Children’s Film Foundation boxset
23rd August: Deep Cover (Criterion Collection)
23rd August: It Must Be Heaven
23rd August: Pixar’s Luca
23rd August: Random Acts Of Violence
23rd August: Blind Beast
23rd August: After Love
23rd August: All About Eve (Criterion Collection)
23rd August: Luz: The Flower Of Evil
23rd August: Professor T
23rd August: It Must Be Heaven
23rd August: Burning At Both Ends
30th August: The Doll Of Satan
30th August: Forrest Gump
30th August: Snapshot
30th August: The Chinese Boxer
30th August: Sound Of Violence
30th August: Dune (Arrow)
30th August: The Brotherhood Of Satan
30th August: Those Who Wish Me Dead
30th August: Bloodthirsty
30th August: Lawman
30th August: Confession
30th August: The Strong Ones
30th August: A Touch Of Love
30th August: The Surrogate
30th August: Bloodthirsty (Michael Ironside)
30th August: A Quiet Place Part II
30th August: Paranormal Activity Limited Edition
30th August: Funuke: Show Some Love, You Losers! 
30th August: Snowpiercer season one
30th August: Host
30th August: The Nightingale


6th September: The Tough Ones
6th September: Made In Abyss
6th September: Lie With Me
6th September: The Ape Woman
6th September: Boy Meets Boy
6th September: The Reason I Jump
6th September: Notorious Nick
6th September: Windstorm & The Wild Horses
6th September: WWE – Money In The Bank
6th September: The Ghost Of Winifred Meeks
6th September: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
6th September: The Conjuring 7-film collection
6th September: The Tough Ones
6th September: Wellington Paranormal season 2
6th September: Belzebuth
6th September: Hemingway (Ken Burns)
6th September: The Films Of Oliver Assayas
6th September: Walk On The Wildside (Arrow)
6th September: Chicago PD series 8
6th September: Override
6th September: Shining Sex
6th September: Peppa Pig Visits America
6th September: Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam
6th September: Star Trek The Motion Picture
6th September: Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan Director’s Cut
6th September: Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
6th September: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
13th September: Is The Order A Rabbit s1 collection
13th September: Occupation: Rainfall
13th September: Guy Martin’s Battle Of Britain
13th September: Terrified
13th September: Plan A
13th September: Mr Klein (Vintage Classics)
13th September: Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog
13th September: Death Screams (Limited Edition)
13th September: Isaac
13th September: Cold War Creatures: four films from Sam Katzman (Arrow)
13th September: Nobody
13th September: Dream Horse
13th September: Mare Of Easttown
13th September: Original Cast Album – Company (Criterion)
13th September: No Man Of God
13th September: Mr Klein (Vintage Classics)
13th September: Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me (Criterion)
20th September: Disciples Of Shaolin
20th September: The Flag Of Iron
20th September: The Servant (Vintage Classics)
20th September: The Birthday Cake
20th September: The Snake Girl & The Silver Haired Witch
20th September: My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch collection
20th September: Last Man Standing: Suge Knight And The Murders Of Biggie & Tupac
20th September: Johnny Guitar (Masters Of Cinema)
20th September: Duel To The Death (Eureka Classics)
20th September: Columbia Noir #4
20th September: Monster Hunter
20th September: D H Lawrence: Sex, Exile & Greatness
27th September: The Razor’s Edge
27th September: Let’s Make Love (Marilyn Monroe)
27th September: The Inspector
27th September: Nightmare Alley
27th September: One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing
27th September: Halls Of Montezuma
27th September: The Krays: Gangsters Behind Bars
27th September: In The Heights
27th September: Lady In White
27th September: Three Coins In The Fountain
27th September: The Power
27th September: Violation
27th September: Ape Vs Monster
27th September: WWE – The Attitude Collection
27th September: Story Of Ricky
27th September: Robotrix
27th September: Children Of The Corn trilogy limited edition
27th September: Martin Eden
27th September: Beasts Of No Nation (Criterion)
27th September: Doctor Who: The Evil Of The Daleks
27th September: Supernova
27th September: The 100 Candles Game
27th September: Spirited Away 20th anniversary edition
27th September: The Carnival
27th September: The Best Of British Transport Films volume 2


4th October: Targets
4th October: American Gods season 1-3
4th October: Freaky
4th October: American Gods season 3
4th October: The Crocodile collection (Tobe Hooper)
11th October: Batwoman season 2
11th October: In The Earth
11th October: The Most Beautiful Boy In The World
11th October: Wellington Paranormal season 3
18th October: Blinded: Those Who Kill
18th October: Darkness: Those Who Kill
18th October: Gray Lady Down
18th October: Midway
18th October: Hellfighters
18th October: MacArthur
18th October: The Crimson Kimono
18th October: Samuel Fuller: Storyteller Volume One
18th October: Samuel Fuller: Storyteller Volume Two
18th October: Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds
18th October: Underworld USA
18th October: Roadgames
19th October: House Of Ghosts
25th October: Transformers: The Movie
25th October: The Fog


1st November: The Crown season 4
15th November: Mimi & The Mountain Dragon


6th December: Shawscope Volume 1 Limited Edition

January 2022

10th January: Van Helsing season 5


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