A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until February 2022 – here’s what’s arriving and when.

Here, then, are a few of the upcoming dates for new movies on DVD and Blu-ray that may not yet have been officially announced. Note that all dates are for the UK.

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Just released

13th September: Is The Order A Rabbit s1 collection
13th September: Occupation: Rainfall
13th September: Guy Martin’s Battle Of Britain
13th September: Terrified
13th September: Plan A
13th September: Mr Klein (Vintage Classics)
13th September: Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog
13th September: Death Screams (Limited Edition)
13th September: Isaac
13th September: Cold War Creatures: four films from Sam Katzman (Arrow)
13th September: Nobody
13th September: Cape Fear 30th anniversary edition
13th September: Dream Horse
13th September: Mare Of Easttown
13th September: Original Cast Album – Company (Criterion)
13th September: No Man Of God
13th September: Mr Klein (Vintage Classics)
13th September: Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me (Criterion)
13th September: No Retreat No Surrender

Coming Soon

20th September: Disciples Of Shaolin
20th September: The Flag Of Iron
20th September: The Servant (Vintage Classics)
20th September: The Birthday Cake
20th September: The Snake Girl & The Silver Haired Witch
20th September: My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch collection
20th September: Last Man Standing: Suge Knight And The Murders Of Biggie & Tupac
20th September: Johnny Guitar (Masters Of Cinema)
20th September: Duel To The Death (Eureka Classics)
20th September: Columbia Noir #4
20th September: Monster Hunter
20th September: D H Lawrence: Sex, Exile & Greatness
20th September: Ghosts series 3
20th September: Complete Magnum PI
27th September: The Razor’s Edge
27th September: Let’s Make Love (Marilyn Monroe)
27th September: The Inspector
27th September: Nightmare Alley
27th September: One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing
27th September: Halls Of Montezuma
27th September: The Krays: Gangsters Behind Bars
27th September: In The Heights
27th September: Lady In White
27th September: Three Coins In The Fountain
27th September: The Power
27th September: Violation
27th September: Ape Vs Monster
27th September: WWE – The Attitude Collection
27th September: Story Of Ricky
27th September: Robotrix
27th September: Children Of The Corn trilogy limited edition
27th September: Martin Eden
27th September: Beasts Of No Nation (Criterion)
27th September: Doctor Who: The Evil Of The Daleks
27th September: Supernova
27th September: The 100 Candles Game
27th September: Spirited Away 20th anniversary edition
27th September: The Carnival
27th September: The Best Of British Transport Films volume 2
27th September: Defence Of The Realm
27th September: Earwig & The Witch
27th September: Frank Herbert’s Dune
27th September: Spetters


4th October: Targets
4th October: Dementer & Jug Face
4th October: Bad Candy
4th October: Pig
4th October: Seitokai Yakuindomo S1 & S2
4th October: Benji: 4 film boxset
4th October: Psycho Goreman (Shudder)
4th October: Snapshot (Slasher Classics)
4th October: Monstrum (Shudder)
4th October: The Last Exorcist
4th October: He Came From The Swamp collection (Arrow)
4th October: Resistance
4th October: American Gods season 1-3
4th October: Freaky
4th October: American Gods season 3
4th October: The Crocodile collection (Tobe Hooper)
4th October: Nowhere Special
4th October: Fear & Loathing In Aspen
4th October: Let’s Make Love (Marilyn Monroe)
4th October: Vigil
4th October: Deerskin
4th October: Doctor Who season 23
11th October: Batwoman season 2
11th October: Clue
11th October: In The Earth
11th October: The Most Beautiful Boy In The World
11th October: Wellington Paranormal season 3
11th October: Rainer Werner Fassbinder Collection Volume 1
11th October: The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory
11th October: I Never Cry
11th October: Fried Barry (Shudder)
11th October: Son (Shudder)
11th October: Death Ranch
11th October: Friday The 13th (8 movie Steelbook set)
11th October: Virgin Witch Limited Edition
11th October: Star Trek The Complete Series (Steelbook)
18th October: Blinded: Those Who Kill
18th October: The Haunting Of Bly Manor
18th October: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (single disc)
18th October: The Stand: A Limited Series
18th October: Blue Bloods season 11
18th October: Darkness: Those Who Kill
18th October: Gray Lady Down
18th October: Midway
18th October: Full Alert (Eureka Classics)
18th October: Yokai Monsters Collection
18th October: La Dolce Vita (Criterion)
18th October: Casino Royale (not the Daniel Craig one!)
18th October: Leonardo season 1
18th October: Halloween Party
18th October: Hellfighters
18th October: The North Water
18th October: MacArthur
18th October: Pornostar (not like that, we’re not that kind of site)
18th October: The Crimson Kimono
18th October: Samuel Fuller: Storyteller Volume One
18th October: Samuel Fuller: Storyteller Volume Two
18th October: Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds
18th October: The Sabata Trilogy
18th October: Ingmar Bergman Vol 2 (BFI)
18th October: Underworld USA
18th October: Roadgames
18th October: Dragons Forever (Steelbook)
18th October: Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions
18th October: Stephen
18th October: Riders Of Justice
18th October: Toshiaki Toyoda: 2005-2021
18th October: The Croods 2
18th October: Snapshot
18th October: The Sparks Brothers
19th October: House Of Ghosts
22nd October: The Royal Opera Collection
22nd October: Nothing But The Truth
25th October: Transformers: The Movie
25th October: The Fog
25th October: The Damned (Criterion)
25th October: Early Universal Vol 2 (Masters Of Cinema)
25th October: Short Sharp Shocks Vol 2
25th October: Giallo Essentials (Red Edition)
25th October: Love & Basketball (Criterion)
25th October: Paranormal Prison
25th October: Hatchet For The Honeymoon deluxe collectors’ edition
25th October: Anaconda collection
25th October: Legendary Weapons Of China
25th October: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (BFI)
25th October: Love Spells & All That
25th October: The Flag Of Iron
25th October: Demonic
25th October: Space Jam: A New Legacy
25th October: Jack Irish Movie Collection
25th October: Moving On series 12
25th October: Limbo


1st November: The Crown season 4
1st November: Fantastic Mr Fox (Criterion)
1st November: Disappearance At Lake Elrod
1st November: Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing series 4
1st November: Coven
1st November: Santa Fake
1st November: The Flood
1st November: Albert R N
1st November: Guess Who’s Coming To Christmas Dinner
1st November: The Shield seasons 1-7
1st November: Le Mans 2001
1st November: Santa Stole Our Dog
1st November: Lore
8th November: Out Of The Blue (BFI)
8th November: Mary Of Nazareth
8th November: All Or Nothing (Mike Leigh)
8th November: Pandora & The Flying Dutchman
8th November: I Am Jackie O
8th November: The One (Steelbook)
8th November: Honest Thief
8th November: The Last Bus
8th November: The Watch (BBC)
8th November: Clink series 1
8th November: Mrs Brown’s Boys: Festive Fancies
8th November: Mrs Brown’s Boys Very Merry Christmas bundle
8th November: The Outsiders restoration
8th November: The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run
8th November: The Suicide Squad
8th November: Blurred Lines
11th November: I Am Burt Reynolds
15th November: Mimi & The Mountain Dragon
15th November: CINEMATIC VENGEANCE! 8 Kung Fu Classics From Director Joseph Kuo (Eureka Classics)
15th November: WWE The Rock – The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment
15th November: Zombie High
15th November: Off The Rails
15th November: Tehran
15th November: Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes
15th November: Star Trek Discovery season 3
15th November: The Skull Man Collection
15th November: The complete Sex & The City
15th November: Casino Royale (the old one!)
15th November: Don’t Breathe 2
15th November: Pup Alone
15th November: Apex Predator (Bruce Willis)
22nd November: Shiva Baby
22nd November: Mae West in Hollywood boxset
22nd November: Monkey Kung Fu
22nd November: Good Guys Were Black
22nd November: Mike Leigh’s Naked (BFI)
22nd November: The Great Silence (Masters Of Cinema)
22nd November: Phantom Of The Mall: Eric’s Revenge
22nd November: Mike Leigh’s Bleak Moments (BFI)
22nd November: The Thin Red Line (Criterion)
22nd November: Devi (Criterion)
22nd November: The Larkins
22nd November: Close To Me
29th November: A Free Hand For A Tough Cop
29th November: Les Enfants Terrible (BFI)
29th November: The Sacrifice
29th November: WWE 1996: Prelude To Attitude
29th November: Star Trek Lower Decks season 1
29th November: Brave New World
29th November: Mill Of The Stone Women Limited Edition
29th November: Intergalactic


6th December: Shawscope Volume 1 Limited Edition
6th December: The Spoilers (BFI)
6th December: Pittsburgh
6th December: Real Girl Collection
6th December: Black Cat
6th December: Real Girl Collection
6th December: Not Knowing
6th December: Rise Of The Footsoldier: Origins
6th December: The Responder
6th December: Rise Of The Footsoldier 1-5 boxset
20th December: Van Der Valk series 2

January 2022

10th January: Van Helsing season 5
31st January: No Man Of God

February 2022

21st February: Hall


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