A glimpse at upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release dates until November 2021 – here’s what’s arriving and when.

Here, then, are a few of the upcoming dates for new movies on DVD and Blu-ray that may not yet have been officially announced. Note that all dates are for the UK.

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Obviously in the current climate everything is subject to change, of course…

Just released

12th April: Superintelligence
12th April: Jules Vernes’ Rocket To The Moon
12th April: Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar
12th April: Bela Legosi Edgar Allen Poe adaptations set
12th April: Meatball Machine
12th April: Headhunter
12th April: Enigma
12th April: Life With Dog

Coming soon

19th April: Dreamland
19th April: County Lines
19th April: Paranoia Agent limited edition
19th April: Carla’s Song (Ken Loach)
19th April: Fatherland (Ken Loach)
19th April: The Tingler (Vincent Price)
19th April: The Chalk Garden
19th April: 13 Ghosts (William Castle)
19th April: To Sir, With Love
19th April: Mr Sardonicus
19th April: Willy’s Wonderland (Nicolas Cage)
19th April: Raw
19th April: Two films by John Ford
19th April: I Start Counting
19th April: In Bruges
19th April: Flight Of The Navigator
19th April: Drop Dead Gorgeous
19th April: Switchblade Sisters (Arrow)
19th April: Karloff At Columba (limited to 3000 copies)
19th April: Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery
26th April: Finding Alice
26th April: Battle Royale limited edition
26th April: Pledge Night
26th April: Born Of Fire
26th April: Upgrade
26th April: The Darjeeling Limited (Criterion)
26th April: Secrets & Lies (Criterion)
26th April: Let Him Go
26th April: Short Circuit 2
26th April: Violet Evergarden (collector’s edition)
26th April: Riddick: The Ultimate Collection
26th April: Roald & Beatrix
26th April: X-Men 10 movie set
26th April: Spookies
26th April: Blithe Spirit
26th April: Peter Rabbit
26th April: Roy Andersson Collection – Collectors Limited Edition
26th April: Planetes – Collector’s Edition
26th April: Unforgotten series 1-4 set
28th April: Me You Madness


3rd May: Wrong Turn
3rd May: Notturno
3rd May: A Ghost Waits
3rd May: The Legend Of Billie Jean
4th May: Death Has Blue Eyes (Arrow)
10th May: A Glitch In The Matrix
10th May: The Defender (Dolph Lundgren)
10th May: Shrek: The Ultimate Collection
10th May: Me, Myself & Di
10th May: Close My Eyes
10th May: Purely Belter
10th May: Justice Society World War II
10th May: Giants & Toys
10th May: Cannon Busters Limited Edition
10th May: In The Cold Of The Night
10th May: Blue Juice
10th May: The Little Things
10th May: Hear My Song
10th May: Death To Smoochy
10th May: Purely Belter
10th May: The United Way (Manchester United)
10th May: Sequin In A Blue Room
10th May: Here Are The Young Men
10th May: 2149: The Aftermath
10th May: Tom Cruise 5-movie collection
10th May: Here Are The Young Men
10th May: Buffalo Soldiers
14th May: The Paul Newman trilogy
14th May: Harvey
17th May: Masculin Feminin (Criterion Collection)
17th May: Fast Times At Ridgemont High (Criterion Collection)
17th May: Asteroidageddon
17th May: Maeve
17th May: Saw
17th May: Beavis & Butthead: The Complete Collection
17th May: Line Of Duty series 6
17th May: Line Of Duty: the complete box set
17th May: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (Masters Of Cinema)
17th May: Jungle Fever (Spike Lee)
17th May: Radio On
17th May: No Such Thing As Monsters
17th May: Someone To Watch Over Me
17th May: Fat City
17th May: Columbia Noir boxset 3
24th May: Mission: Impossible 25th anniversary edition
24th May: Supernatural: the complete boxset
24th May: The Strange World Of Gurney Slade
24th May: Time And Tide (Eureka Classics)
24th May: One Armed Boxer (Eureka Classics)
24th May: The Last Castle
24th May: The Saint
24th May: Mandy
24th May: Initiation
24th May: The Tuxedo
24th May: Behind The Trees
24th May: Rosemary’s Baby
24th May: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’
24th May: Tom & Jerry: The Movie
24th May: Blow Out
24th May: To Olivia
24th May: Minari
24th May: Dragon Rider
24th May: Weird Wisconsin: The Bill Rebane Collection
31st May: World Of Wong Kar Wai (Criterion Collection, 7 disc set)
31th May: Over The Edge
31st May: Doctor Who season 19 (standard packaging)
31st May: Doctor Who season 12 (standard packaging)
31st May: One Cut Of The Dead (Hollywood edition)
31st May: Duel (50th anniversary edition)
31st May: Stardust
31st May: Effie Gray


1st June: Scooby Doo, And Guess Who: season one
1st June: Sound Of Metal
7th June: The Resort
7th June: Triassic Hunt
7th June: Brighton
7th June: Shockwave: Destruction Hong Kong
7th June: Rosario + Vampire Complete Collection
7th June: The Crocodile Collection
7th June: Locked Down
7th June: The Stylist (limited edition)
14th June: Iceland Is Best
14th June: Dad’s Army
14th June: Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt)
14th June: SAS Red Notice
14th June: Uncle Vanya (Toby Jones/Richard Armitage)
14th June: Hands Of Orlac (Masters Of Cinema)
14th June: Merrily We Go To Hell (Criterion)
14th June: Virgin Witch Limited Edition
14th June: Parallel
14th June: Flowers Of Shanghai (Criterion)
14th June: Waterloo (Special Edition)
14th June: Imprisoned (Mickey Rourke)
14th June: Riding Giants
14th June: Godzilla Vs Kong
14th June: Godzilla Vs Kong 4-film boxset
14th June: The Blue & The Gray
14th June: Take Us Home Leeds United (two season boxset)
21st June: Friendship’s Death
21st June: Salaam Bombay!
21st June: Piccadilly
21st June: Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files Collection
21st June: Erotic Ghost Story Collector’s Edition
21st June: Forbidden City Cop
21st June: Hammer Volume 6 boxset: Night Shadows
21st June: Eye Of The Cat
21st June: Yesterday’s Enemy
21st June: Terror Of The Tongs
21st June: Edgeworld
21st June: Irezumi (Arrow)
21st June: Plunderer season 1 (limited edition)
21st June: Battle Of The Bulge: Winter War
21st June: The Stranglers Of Bombay
21st June: Encounters Of The Spooky Kind (Eureka)
21st June: PTU (Masters Of Cinema)
21st June: Years Of Lead: Five Italian crime thrillers
28th June: Midsomer Murders series 21
28th June: So Sweet, So Perverse
28th June: Mandabi (Studio Canal Vintage Classics)
28th June: Too Close
28th June: Skyjacked
28th June: Tezuka’s Barbara
28th June: Bare
28th June: Unearth
28th June: Valdez Is Coming
28th June: The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
28th June: Night Of The Hunter (Criterion)
28th June: Major Dundee (limited edition)
28th June: The Boys season 2
28th June: Ripper Untold
28th June: The Headless Horseman


5th July: Rio Conchos
5th July: Smother
5th July: Call The Midwife series 10
5th July: Coming To America
5th July: Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1
5th July: O Henry’s Full House
12th July: The Weapon
19th July: Honeymoon
19th July: The Big Fix
19th July: The Day Of The Dolphin
19th July: Ishtar
19th July: The Revenge Of Frankenstein
19th July: Invincible
19th July: Taste Of Fear
26th July: Django
26th July: Cult Spaghetti Westerns boxset
26th July: Griff’s Great Kiwi Road Trip
26th July: The Good Doctor season 4
26th July: Red48


27th September: The Razor’s Edge
27th September: Let’s Make Love (Marilyn Monroe)
27th September: The Inspector
27th September: Nightmare Alley
27th September: Halls Of Montezuma


4th October: Targets
4th October: The Crocodile collection (Tobe Hooper)
19th October: House Of Ghosts


15th November: Mimi & The Mountain Dragon


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