A glimpse at upcoming UK DVD and Blu-ray release dates until summer 2022 – here’s what’s arriving and when.

Here, then, are a few of the upcoming dates for new movies on DVD and Blu-ray that may not yet have been officially announced. Note that all dates are for the UK.

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Obviously in the current climate everything is subject to change, of course…

Just released

22nd November: Shiva Baby
22nd November: Full Alert (Eureka Classics)
22nd November: Mae West in Hollywood boxset
22nd November: Monkey Kung Fu
22nd November: The Thief, His Wife & The Canoe
22nd November: Good Guys Wear Black
22nd November: Mike Leigh’s Naked (BFI)
22nd November: The Outpost season 4
22nd November: The Great Silence (Masters Of Cinema)
22nd November: People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan
22nd November: Bring It On 4-film boxset (oddly, not including Bring It On)
22nd November: Phantom Of The Mall: Eric’s Revenge
22nd November: Mike Leigh’s Bleak Moments (BFI)
22nd November: The Thin Red Line (Criterion)
22nd November: All Creatures Great & Small series 1 and 2
22nd November: Devi (Criterion)
22nd November: People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan
22nd November: Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop
22nd November: Reminiscence
22nd November: The Larkins
22nd November: Penguindrum
22nd November: Close To Me
22nd November: The Upside
22nd November: Arsene Wenger: Invincible
22nd November: Hyouka: The Complete Series
22nd November: Swallow
22nd November: Middle Earth collection
29th November: A Free Hand For A Tough Cop
29th November: Les Enfants Terrible (BFI)
29th November: The Sacrifice
29th November: Candyman
29th November: WWE 1996: Prelude To Attitude
29th November: Star Trek Lower Decks season 1
29th November: Brave New World
29th November: Mill Of The Stone Women Limited Edition
29th November: Intergalactic
29th November: Sweetheart
29th November: The Flag Of Iron
29th November: Luz: The Flower Of Evil
29th November: Snapshot
29th November: Queen Of Mystery series 1
29th November: The Outlaws
29th November: All Creatures Great & Small series 1 and 2
29th November: Morecambe & Wise at Thames
29th November: Morecambe & Wise at ITV
29th November: Trolls: Holiday In Harmony
29th November: Princess Mononoke Collectors Edition
29th November: The Mating Game (David Attenborough)
29th November: Robbo: The Bryan Robson Story
29th November: Porco Rosso Collector’s Edition
29th November: Becoming Elsa
29th November: Wendy
29th November: Black Beauty (Mark Lester)
29th November: Who Do You Think You Are series 16
29th November: Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) – The Movies boxset
29th November: Assassination Classroom: The Complete Series


3rd December: Depeche Mode 101 (expensive box set!)
6th December: The Last Duel
6th December: Rick & Morty Uncensored season 5
6th December: Shawscope Volume 1 Limited Edition
6th December: Son Of Saul
6th December: Fear The Walking Dead season 6
6th December: Fear The Walking Dead seasons 1-6
6th December: Avatar The Last Airbender & The Legend Of Korra complete boxset
6th December: Paranoiac
6th December: Twilight Dinner
6th December: Not Knowing
6th December: Saint Etienne: I’ve Been Trying To Tell You
6th December: Thomas Cromwell: A Very Modern Tudor
6th December: Bilitis
6th December: The Last Matinee
6th December: The Holiday (but not the Christmas movie one!)
6th December: The Long Call
6th December: The Spoilers (BFI)
6th December: Pittsburgh
6th December: Real Girl Collection
6th December: Alma’s Not Normal
6th December: Zappa
6th December: The Responder
6th December: Stillwater
6th December: The Love Of Jeanne Ney
6th December: Code Geass (Ova Series)
6th December: The Evil Of Frankenstein
6th December: Black Cat
6th December: Real Girl Collection
6th December: Not Knowing
6th December: Rise Of The Footsoldier: Origins
6th December: The Responder
6th December: The Long Call
6th December: The Last Broadcast
6th December: Hollington Drive
6th December: Alma’s Not Normal
6th December: Rise Of The Footsoldier 1-5 boxset
6th December: Menace II Society Criterion
6th December: Le Samourai Criterion
6th December: The Rainer Werner Fassbinder Collection Vol. 2
6th December: Champion (Masters Of Cinema)
6th December: The Skull Man Collection
13th December: Armour Of God
13th December: Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Anti-War Trilogy
13th December: My Stepmother Is An Alien
13th December: Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 17
13th December: Cartoon Saloon Irish Folklore trilogy
13th December: Nichijou – My Ordinary Life The Complete Series
13th December: Ludwig (Arrow)
13th December: Kiki’s Delivery Service Limited Edition
13th December: The Tough Ones
13th December: Respect
13th December: The Universe (Brian Cox)
13th December: Showtrial
13th December: Years Of Lead: five Italian crime thrillers
13th December: The Many Saints Of Newark
13th December: Death Parade – The Complete Series
13th December: Robotech – Part Two (The Masters)
13th December: Hungarian Masters: Three films by Zoltán Fábri, István Gaál and Miklós Jancsó
13th December: The Madame Blanc Mysteries
20th December: Van Der Valk series 2
20th December: One Night In Miami Criterion
20th December: The Larkins
20th December: The Goes Wrong Show season 2
20th December: Cobra Cyberwar
20th December: No Time To Die
27th December: The Krays – Code Of Silence
27th December: Jekyll & Hyde
27th December: Julius Caesar
27th December: Session 9 Limited Edition
27th December: Copshop
27th December: Malignant

January 2022

3rd January: Venom: Let There Be Carnage
3rd January: In The Realm Of The Senses (Criterion)
3rd January: Down By Law (Criterion)
3rd January:  Hiroshima Mon Amour (Criterion)
3rd January: Winterskin
3rd January: Confession
3rd January: Dillinger
3rd January: Jack In The Box: Awakening
10th January: Van Helsing season 5
10th January: The Ice Road
10th January: Temple season 2
10th January: Resistance 1942
10th January: The Rescue
10th January: Patrick
10th January: Castle Falls
10th January: The Addams Family 2
17th January: The Blockhouse
17th January: Hoffman (Peter Sellers)
17th January: The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao
17th January: The Brute
17th January: 13 Minutes
17th January: Red Angel
17th January: Brothers By Blood
17th January: The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao
17th January: Shock (Arrow)
17th January: March Of Millions
17th January: Dororo collection
21st January: Lies and Deceit – Five Films by Claude Chabrol
24th January: The Killing Field (Bruce Willis)
24th January: Doctor Who season 13: Flux
24th January: Hiruko The Goblin
24th January: Warriors Two & The Prodigal Son (Eureka Classics)
24th January: The Sun Shines Bright (Masters Of Cinema)
24th January: Sleep (Limited Edition)
24th January: Max Reload & The Nether Blasters
24th January: Violent Delights
24th January: Becoming Elsa
24th January: Lola & The Sea
24th January: Tom & Jerry Cowboy Up!
24th January: Lola & The Sea
31st January: No Man Of God
31st January: Anaconda collection
31st January: Monster Family two-film collection
31st January: Raging Fire
31st January: Crime
31st January: Black Cat Collector’s Edition
31st January: Love & Friendship

February 2022

7th February: The Flag Of Iron
7th February: Planet Dune
7th February: A Feral World
7th February: Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It
7th February: Catwoman: Wanted
7th February: Warriors Who Defied Rome boxset
7th February: Legendary Weapons Of China
7th February: Don’t Go In The House
7th February: Shadow In The Cloud
14th February: Nine Bullets
14th February: The Holiday
14th February: The Responder
14th February: The McPherson Tape (American Genre Film Archive)
14th February: Jungle Trap + Run Coyote Run (American Genre Film Archive)
14th February: Countdown To War
14th February: Thomas & Friends: Race For The Sodor Cup
14th February: Hentai Prince and The Stoney Cat Collection
14th February: Here We Are
21st February: Hall
21st February: South & The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration on Film
21st February: Galaxy Of Terror
21st February: The Outpost season 4
21st February: The Indian Tomb (Eureka Classics)
21st February: Love Affair (Criterion)
21st February: Dick Johnson Is Dead (Criterion)
21st February: Written On The Wind (Criterion)
21st February: The Devil’s Men
21st February:  An Unsuitable Job For A Woman
21st February: Baghead
21st February: Bartleby
21st February: Monster Man
21st February: Deadly Games
21st February: The Great White Silence
21st February:  Voices
28th February: Quant
28th February: The Sacrifice
28th February: Young Sheldon season 4
28th February: Becoming Cousteau
28th February: Exquisite Corpse

March 2022

7th March: Haibane Renmei Collection
14th March: Monty Don’s European Gardens
14th March: Monkey Kung Fu
14th March: Shaolin Mantis
14th March: Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th
14th March: She Freak (American Genre Film Archive)
14th March: The Zodiac Killer (American Genre Film Archive)
14th March: Day Of The Dead season one
21st March: Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators season 4
21st March: Play For Today Volume 3
28th March: Good Guys Wear Black
28th March: Matewan
28th March: The Camera is Ours: Britain’s Women Documentary Makers
28th March: Saving Sloane


4th April: The Gunfighter
4th April: Nightmare Alley (not that one)
4th April: The Razor’s Edge
4th April: Rio Conchos
4th April: O Henry’s Full House
4th April: Three Coins In The Fountain
4th April: Fire Sale
4th April: The Inspector
4th April: Pony Express


15th August: The John Wayne Collection

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