As Top Gun: Maverick finally flies into cinemas, this week’s film quiz pays tribute to the late, great Tony Scott, who directed the original and many other gems.


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Arriving in cinemas 36 years after the original (and heck, three years after its planned 2019 release date) Top Gun: Maverick is dedicated to the original film’s director, Tony Scott, who tragically died in 2012. Having covered the films of his brother Ridley in a previous edition of Film Quiz Friday, we reckon it’s time we had a round on one of the great action directors, in between movie-related trivia ranging from Pirates Of The Caribbean at its longest to Tom Cruise at his, er, shortest.

Once you’ve finished all 30 questions, you’ll find a link to a separate post with the correct answers at the bottom of this post. As always, this is just for fun, but please let us know how you did in the comments (scores out of 30 this week!) and give us any other lovely feedback. Remember, you can be an artist… in anything, food, death, whatever. Maybe your art is quizzing, and you’re about to paint your masterpiece…


ROUND ONE – This Week In Movie History

This round is about new UK cinema releases and general film history from this week in years past – we’ve given you the year at the start of each question to help out!

  1. 2013 – Who plays Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby?
  2. 1996 – Which animated duo Do America in the TV-to-film spin-off of the same name?
  3. 2007 – What is the full title of the third Pirates Of The Caribbean film?
  4. 1959 – What occupation do Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon’s characters share in Some Like It Hot?
  5. 2012 – Which Wes Anderson film is set on the fictional US island of New Penzance?
  6. 1985 – Who plays undercover detective John Book in Witness?
  7. 2004 – Which mythical hero does Brad Pitt play in Troy?
  8. 1960 – Born this week, who connects the 1990s films The English Patient, The Horse Whisperer, and Mission: Impossible?
  9. 2021 – The crime mystery thriller Spiral is a spin-off from which horror franchise?
  10. 1933 – Fifer, Fiddler, and Practical are the title characters of which Disney short film?


ROUND TWO – The Tony Scott Round

We feel the need – the need for 10 questions about films directed by the late, great Tony Scott…

  1. Tony Scott made his directorial debut with which 1983 horror movie, starring Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie as vampires?
  2. Which US state is the name of Patricia Arquette’s character in True Romance?
  3. Denzel Washington starred in a total of five Tony Scott-directed films – which 1990s thriller marked their first collaboration?
  4. Who plays bounty hunter Domino Harvey in 2005’s Domino?
  5. Which band performed “Take My Breath Away”, the Oscar-winning theme song from 1986’s Top Gun?
  6. Who plays Creasy’s young charge “Pita” Ramos in 2004’s Man On Fire?
  7. Which of the three Beverly Hills Cop movies was directed by Scott – the first, the second or the third?
  8. Which actor notably plays a surveillance expert in both 1998’s Enemy Of The State and the 1974 Francis Ford Coppola film The Conversation?
  9. In which US city is 2006’s Déjà Vu set?
  10. Private investigator Joe Hallenback is the main character in which buddy action-comedy?



Terminator Salvation

Let’s finish with a random selection of pot luck movie questions – these could come from any era, any genre, or any level of difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. In the news! Which country hosts the annual Cannes Film Festival?
  2. Complete the title of the 2022 movie – Everything Everywhere… ?
  3. Which Hollywood studio shares its name with a BBFC certificate?
  4. Who connects the 2000s films Miss Potter, Down With Love, and Big Fish?
  5. “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries” is a quote from which 1975 comedy?
  6. What comes next in this sequence – Judgement Day > Rise Of The Machines > … ?
  7. Who is older – Jake Gyllenhaal or Maggie Gyllenhaal?
  8. What is the full title of the 2007 sequel to 28 Days Later?
  9. Who connects the 1990s films Alien: Resurrection, Edward Scissorhands, and Girl, Interrupted?
  10. And finally, of all the movies Tom Cruise has acted in to date, which has the shortest title?

Ready for the answers?

That’s the end of this week’s quiz – when you’re ready to check your answers, click here to get them (it’ll take you to another page). We’ll be back in two weeks time, but until then, let us know how you got on in the comments below and enjoy your long Jubilee weekend next week!

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