The latest issue of Film Stories is on its way – and here’s what’s inside, as cinemas around the UK reopen their doors.

Issue 25 of Film Stories magazine has made its journey to the printers, and it’s available to order now. It’s jam-packed with, as you’d expect, lots and lots of movie stuff.

It’s going into a few WHSmiths stores around the UK, but primarily is available via mail order. It’s entirely independent, 100% about film, and it’s available to order now!

Here’s the front cover, before we tell you a bit more…



And inside?

* In The Earth: the story of how Ben Wheatley went from his planned Tomb Raider movie drifting away, to making a new horror film in under a year.

* The Golden Compass: how the 2007 movie lost its ways – and what happened next.

* Military advisors: what do they do? How do they do it?

* Dune, Star Wars, and the perils of getting on-screen dust just right.

* The disc that transformed home cinema

* Celebrating the underappreciated films of Laurel & Hardy

* The Wes Anderson Instagram account that really, really took off

* The joys of Cartoon Saloon

* 1969: the year the movie western changed

* Emma Butt: on working in post-production sound, and the journey to get there

* Signature: the story of the distributor that went from a room in London, to Los Angeles and over 1000 movies

* When music stars make movie scores

* And a lovely, lovely chat about Medicinema with Simon Hickson.


* Andrew Macdonald, Diana Dors, Jennifer Sheridan, all about Film Stories’ secret plans, TikTok (yep), launching a streaming service, and much much more!

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