A huge exclusive interview with Peter Capaldi leads issue 32 of Film Stories magazine – and there’s a lot more inside too.

We’re proud to introduce the new issue of Film Stories magazine, that’s printing now and shipping shortly. The magazine is primarily mail order, although it goes into a few WHSmiths stores around the UK.

Here’s the cover of the new issue, and then we’ll tell you what’s in it…

Film Stories issue 32

And inside…


In an exclusive interview, Peter Capaldi chats to us about working with Terence Davies on the incoming Benediction. Plus, his screenwriting and directing work – Soft Top Hard Shoulder and Strictly Sinatra – and the impact of winning his Oscar. Oh, and a bit on what he’s up to next, and how he got cast in Local Hero too.


20 years ago, Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones was the first huge blockbuster to be shot entirely on digital cameras rather than 35mm. Two decades on, what’s been the impact of shooting on digital?


As well as telling us about playing Carson in Downton Abbey: A New Era, Jim Carter chats about how he talked his way into 1980’s Flash Gordon, and reflects on the mighty Top Secret! and Brassed Off too.


Those moments when movie tie-in toys went very, very, very, very wrong.


One writer tells us their story working for a website where, well, things did not seem to be particularly pleasant behind the scenes.


  • Tom Goodman-Hill on making Homebound, and the documentary he’s been making.
  • Cathy Wippell tells Laura Jean Marsh, film director to film director, about her latest short film.
  • Kate Dolan on her directorial debut, and the battle to get it made
  • Into Film’s young reporter scheme has come to an end – but what impact as it had?
  • Who decides who goes where on a movie poster?
  • James Moran’s writing clinic
  • 10 of the finest sounding films
  • The overuse of flashbacks in the movies
  • Puzzles!
  • Lots of reviews!
  • Lots of interviews
  • Lots of odd films we think you should watch!
  • And an odd bit of movie merchandise…

Plus! Amongst the 20+ paid writers in this issue, three are getting their first ever paid print writing work.

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