Co-writer David Goyer explains how writer’s block on The Dark Knight Rises led to Man Of Steel happening.

It was well reported at the time that the catalyst for 2013’s Man Of Steel, which in turn sparked the Snyder-verse of DC Comics movies, was Christopher Nolan. He recommended to Warner Bros that Snyder was the man it wanted, but also it was he and David Goyer who cracked the story for the Superman reboot.

As part of Goyer’s extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he’s been chatting about how the pair came up with the story for Man Of Steel, whilst there were wrestling with making the final part of the Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

Goyer explained that he and Nolan were struggling to come up with how Batman could defeat the foes of The Dark Knight Rises. “Chris and I just hit a wall, and Chris suggested we take a break for a week and put our pencils down. It’s counterintuitive, because you think you have to keep at it. But often when you have writer’s block, it’s best to just walk away, do something completely different and just hope that your subconscious will come to the rescue”.

Goyer took refuge in the week away in early Action Comics Superman stories, and he ended up “writing down a two-pager for a Superman movie. So when we came back, Chris said ‘well, have any ideas?’ … ‘I’ve got this Superman movie that has nothing to do with The Dark Knight Rises“.

The pair duly pitched it to Warner Bros, and Man Of Steel was on its way…

The full interview can be found here.

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