Keanu Reeves’ role within a comic book universe has long been the subject of speculation – but Constantine 2 might be the answer.

Keanu Reeves is one of the few A-List actors yet to be really drawn into the Marvel or DC cinematic universes, a fact that is doubly eyebrow-raising when you consider his penchant for action-focused flicks. Flick the likes of which the MCU and the DCEU tend to specialise in. And unlike say, Brad Pitt, for example, it seems like just a matter of time before Reeves pops up in one of these films. With the ‘Keanuaissance’ showing no signs of slowing down, whichever superhero universe manages to snag Reeves first will consider it quite the coup.

MCU head honcho, Kevin Feige, has confirmed in the past that he’s had conversations with Reeves about which character might be right for him to play, and we’d be surprised if offers haven’t come in for roles from both sides of the fence for the John Wick actor. It seems though, that the perfect comic book role for Reeves may have been there all the time, in the form of a character that he’s already played.

As the man himself notes “I love playing Constantine. John Constantine. I’ve played a lot of Johns. How many Johns have I played? I don’t even know. I think it’s over ten. But anyway, I’d love to have the chance to play Constantine again.”

Whether this is hinting at something in the works, or simple wish fulfillment on the part of Reeves remains to be seen, but interestingly, Peter Stormare, who played Lucifer in the original Constantine film back in 2005, recently tweeted that a sequel was in development. He wrote on the social media platform “Sequel In The Works,” a direct and simple claim, that we’ve yet to hear confirmation of.

Reeves next stars in The Matrix: Resurrections which is out next month, and is currently shooting John Wick 4, but after that, could it be another John’s shoes that Reeves plans to step into? We’ll let you know more as we hear it.


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