Old rules come back into force today, meaning it’s now required to wear face masks again in English cinemas.

Given the news cycle of the past few days this particular story is unlikely to come as a particularly huge surprise, but still, here we go. From Friday 10th December, it is once more compulsory to wear a face covering in English cinemas. Those who are medically exempted will not be required to do so, but in cinemas (and theatres) it is now mandated by the government.

There’s an inevitable argument here about just who is expected to enforce it all, and it’s also an announcement made in the midst of what you could politely called ‘a series of other stories about the government’. Nonetheless, it’s being brought in, likely until well into January at the very earliest.

One little plea then. It’s very clear from online discourse that mask-wearing is something with an ability to spark a debate. It’s clearly an issue for some. But please: don’t take that out on the cinema staff, who are on the front line of a policy over which they have no control. They too, like the rest of us, have learned the news at the same time as the rest of us, and they’re the ones who potentially have to ask people to comply. They do not deserve ire for doing so.

Stay safe everybody, and take care.

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