The trailer for Flora & Ulysses gives us what seems like a rather representative snapshot of Disney thinking circa 2021.

Flora & Ulysses is a new, family-friendly superhero film, made for streaming and centred on an unlikely, albeit quite traditionally Disney-like hero. This trailer has barely started before a whole bushel of Marvel superheroes show up. And before you think it’s an original idea, no, it’s an adaptation.

That’s lots of Mouse House boxes being ticked by one single project. Check it out.

In truth, I found that promo really rather charming. Hats off to director Lena Khan and scriptwriter Brad Copeland. I don’t know Kate DiCamillo’s original book but the squirrel comes off very well here. Hopefully he’ll get lots of screentime in the full movie, and not too many over-pushy squeaked-out vocalisations.

The core concept of Flora & Ulysses has special appeal, I think, because anybody who has seen a squirrel do its thing in real life will know that most of Ulysses’ virtual stunts in this trailer are only slightly exaggerated. It’s lovely to see squirrel derring-do framed as spectacular motion picture action like this.

My recommended tagline? Squirrel and Girl. There.

If you can’t wait until 19 February to get your Sciuridae fix, may I recommend the classic BBC show Daylight Robbery, featuring real-life squirrels pulling off Mission: Impossible and Krypton Factor-like feats with bushy-tailed flair?


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