The iconic American science fiction author Philip K Dick is set to have his strange life dramatised in an upcoming film.

They say that life that is stranger than fiction, and in the case of Philip K Dick, the legendary science fiction author, Dick’s life was certainly as dramatic and interesting as any of his strange imaginings. A new film is set to chart the life of the man who wrote the stories that would one day become science fiction classics such as Total Recall and Blade Runner.

Dick’s genius as a science fiction conceptualist was not fully recognised in his own lifetime, with Hollywood certainly taking a while to catch up with the potential of his ideas to captivate audiences and show them glimpses of strange and dark futures. Whilst the author was first adapted for TV here in the UK for the series Out Of This World as early as 1962, over in the US Dick wouldn’t see his work adapted for the silver screen until just before his death, with Blade Runner releasing in 1982. Dick never saw the final version of the film, but did view some footage and as the legend goes, was amazed at director Ridley Scott’s ability to render the author’s imagination onto the screen.

Dick’s own life was just as full of intrigue, paranoia and strangeness as his stories: alleged drug use, hallucinations, a suicide attempt, paranormal reports, not to mention that Dick also believed that he was living parallel lives.

The writer also infamously addressed an audience of fans and told them that as humans, we are undoubtedly living inside of a computer simulation… some 20 years before The Matrix would popularise that notion.

This film is based on a book of his life with the same title and according to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Only Apparently Real centres on a break-in at Dick’s house that took place in the early ’70s. He was in the midst of his fourth divorce, trying to give up amphetamines, battling writer’s block and possibly being spied on by the United States government. Then his house was ransacked, his safe blown open and his manuscripts were stolen. But then again, maybe they weren’t and maybe there was never a break-in.’

This project certainly sounds promising to us. At the moment, development is said to be underway with a script written. As we hear more, we’ll certainly let you know.

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