Ray Fisher has signalled that he is open to a reconciliation and further appearances in the DCEU, should Warner Bros formally apologise.

In the wake of Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘s release, Ray Fisher has been promoting the film, which sees his role as Cyborg become significantly developed with a fully-fledged narrative trajectory that places his character at the heart of the movie.

Whilst Fisher has been happy to support Snyder’s vision, promoting the film online, he’s also signalled that he’s willing to broker a truce with WarnerMedia. This is with regards the bitter and long-running dispute with the company’s higher-ups about the ‘gross and abusive practices’ that he claims took place on the set of Justice League under the watch of replacement director Joss Whedon.

Fisher spoke at the Justice Con event over the weekend, which is raising money for suicide prevention. In particular, he spoke about the circumstances which might compel him to return to the role of Cyborg in the DCEU, especially now Zack Snyder’s cut of the film has fleshed out his character so effectively (although this cut of the film remains non-canon at this point).

States Fisher, “I don’t really expect anything, right? Particularly dealing with large corporations. They will oftentimes find a way to defy whatever expectation you may have. But, I think where we could start is an acknowledgment and an apology of what is clearly, publicly known to be an untruth. Then, we can see where it goes from there. We can have that conversation, but I think that’s where the accountability begins. It’s us being able to come to the table and say ‘these are the things that happened, let’s go ahead and try…’ There seems to be this sort of narrative, I don’t know why it is, but there’s this thing that if you apologise it denotes weakness.”

Whether Warner Bros chooses to do so is of course completely up to it, but at this point, it could be the smart option. The ongoing Ray Fisher dispute has been damaging for the studio in a number of ways, drawing other accusations into the public eye which don’t reflect well on those in charge and their duty of care towards the talent that earns them dollars.

Bringing Fisher back into the DCEU fold would be a very good way of signalling a public reconciliation, but whether Warner Bros opts to move in that direction, we’ll have to wait and see.


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