Sylvester McCoy is confirmed to join the ensemble of Rob Zombie’s movie take on The Munsters: more here.

“Rob Zombie has been in touch,” Sylvester McCoy told us in an interview that was published in issue 23 of the Film Stories print magazine.

“I think it’s a comedy.”

While the Simon – who did the interview – then questioned whether it was likely that horror director Rob Zombie would be making a straight comedy, it’s now been revealed that former Doctor Who star McCoy is part of the cast of Zombie’s feature film adaptation of 1960s sitcom The Munsters.

Posting to his Instagram social media account, Zombie said ‘I am very excited to bring you all this exclusive shot direct from the set of The Munsters and announce the casting of Sylvester McCoy as IGOR, the loyal servant to the Munsters.’ I’m sure we’ve included the picture somewhere in this news story. We’re a slick operation (We absolutely are! Look! – Ed)

Sylvester McCoy behind the scenes of The Munsters

McCoy, who likely came to Doctor Who fan Zombie’s attention in his stint as the 7th Doctor, recently drew attention in horror movie The Owners alongside Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

McCoy joins a cast of Zombie regulars, with 3 From Hell’s Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Halloween 2’s Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa and Sheri Moon Zombie, from all of them, as Lily. Zombie announced that another of his frequent collaborators (Film Stories favourite) Richard Brake will also appear as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang.

The film marks an interesting reunion between writer/director Zombie and studio Universal. Zombie’s debut movie, House of 1000 Corpses, was made with Universal, only for the studio to drop the film following a test screening due to its extreme content. We wonder whether it’s the scene where a notable sitcom actor is turned into a fishboy. It would take years for the film to see release, finally landing at Lionsgate where it gained a sizable cult following and spawned two sequels.

Divisive director Zombie, best known for strikingly vicious horror movies that alienate as many viewers as they delight (count this writer amongst the delighted), may seem an odd fit for a comedy, even a horror flavoured one like The Munsters. However, while the tone of his adaptation remains unknown, Zombie has certainly made his love of the spooky sitcom known throughout his career. His breakthrough solo single Dragula is named after a vehicle from the show, while the commentary track he and Butch Patrick (who played Eddie Munster in the original show) recorded for the first Munster movie Munster Go Home revealed a deep knowledge of the show. Zombie, then, is a certified Munstermaniac.

Zombie’s Instagram features a host of really interesting behind the scenes photos which suggest a pretty sizable production (the family’s Mockingbird Lane home certainly looks like an imposing and faithful recreation). Zombie’s posts indicate that the film is currently in production. So, unless there’s some misdirection at play, it may be some time before we get to watch this one.

We’ll keep you up to date on Rob Zombie’s The Munsters, whether you (our readers, my editors, everyone) want us to or not.

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