The moon heads to the Earth in Roland Emmerich’s new film – and it’s wrapped filming, with a tease of sequels too.

There’ve been a fair few stories over the last few months of blockbuster movies that started filming, had to shut down for fairly obvious reasons, and then got back up and running. Yet in the case of director Roland Emmerich, he’s just managed to wrap filming of a $140m independent science fiction movie, that didn’t even start filming under after the pandemic hit.

The film in question – and boy, this looks a hoot – is Moonfall, an ensemble-driven sci-fi film about a bunch of people trying to stop the moon crashing into the Earth. Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Donald Sutherland, Michael Pena, Charlie Plummer and John Bradley are amongst the cast. Even more impressively, this is a film that Emmerich pulled together without one of the traditional Hollywood majors or a streaming company behind it. Instead, he pulled together finance from a bunch of sources, including Lionsgate.

The movie, Emmerich has confirmed to Deadline, absolutely won’t be sold directly to a streaming service either, and he’s planned this for the big screen. He’s confirmed that his final cut will be ready by October 22nd, and then we’ll hopefully get a better idea of a release date.

And if it goes down well? “Moonfall is written as the beginning of a saga”. Please cast Gerard Butler in Marsfall, Roland…


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