Is there life on Mars? It appears so, and we’ll be finding out more at the movies later this very month with Settlers.

A lot of great science fiction movies have mined the idea that off-world colonies are a herald of dystopian future. From  Blade Runner to Total Recall, science fiction has taken the idea that life colonising another planet would be exciting, even utopian, but really masks all kinds of ills just waiting to be revealed. The upcoming Settlers looks set to mine the same rich seam.

Settlers looks like a thrilling and nuanced take on post-Earth colonialism. Written and directed by Wyatt Rockefeller, it’s a new thriller set amidst the remote fastness of the red planet. Jonny Lee Miller and Sofia Boutella star in the film, set ‘on a remote homestead amongst the Martian frontier, a refugee family from Earth clings to hope for a better life’.

What’s this, though? ‘But when strangers appear in the surrounding hills and attempt to run them off, nine-year-old Remmy (Brooklynn Prince is faced with the desperate reality her mother and father have tried so hard to keep from her’.

The film is set to release on July 30th in the UK, courtesy of Vertigo Films, with Settlers due to launch on digital platforms rather than a cinematic release. The trailer is right here…

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