Tom Holland – ahead of the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home – has been chatting about his future in the role.

Tom Holland is renowned for being a little bit open on Marvel press tours, with the actor having given away the odd spoiler here or there. But the media events for the upcoming trilogy entrant in his Spider-Man series – Spider-Man: No Way Home – is proving to be illuminating in a far more different way. Rather than let slip a detail about the film, Holland has instead been chatting quite frankly about the kind of behind-the-scenes details that we aren’t normally privy to.

The actor has already cast doubt on his future in the role of Spider-Man and played down the idea that he’s part of a planned new trilogy. Now, he’s also been discussing Sony’s relationship with Marvel, and revealing that appearances in future Marvel films are not contracted, but instead are part of a ‘conversation’. When responding to the report that Holland had signed a deal with Marvel, he said “that’s not accurate at all. The new deal that was struck up was this understanding between the two studios that should Marvel want me to appear in one of their movies, then it would be an open conversation. I don’t think it’s as black and white as ‘I have a three-picture deal with Marvel and a three-picture deal with Sony.’ It’s just this open conversation and open dialogue between Mr Iger and Mr Rothman”.

Iger and Rothman being the relevant executives from both companies, although Bob Iger is departing Disney this month.

Still, the comment is interesting, not least because it indicates that Sony and Marvel have reached some kind of arrangement already, albeit an informal one, meaning we likely won’t see a repeat of the spat that developed last time the two companies came to renegotiate their deal. It’s also fascinating because it seems that Holland is suggesting once more that that his commitment to the films isn’t as secure as other parties would want.

Whether that’s the case, and Holland has more bargaining power than we know, is an interesting thought. It would certainly enable him to push for the mentoring role in the franchise that he has spoken about before, enabling Sony to develop another Spider-Man to succeed him. After the success of the Miles Morales character in Into Tthe Spider-Verse (and his existence in the Sony films revealed by Donald Glover’s character in Homecoming), it would be smart for Sony to prepare for a Spider-Man future beyond Tom Holland.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is released in cinemas on Wednesday of this week.


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