We’re just after someone for a couple of hours a day to help us with the Film Stories site – more details here.

We’re on the lookout for some extra help for one or two things around the  Film Stories site, and have two part time bits of work available.


We’re looking to ramp up the Film Stories YouTube channel, with ideally 15-20 video ‘film stories’ each month. The videos will need to be no longer than five minutes, but also, this is a new area for us, so open to ideas.

Are there any creators out there who are interested? This is paid work: we’re not bulging with cash (at all), but also, this isn’t Fiver. I’m not looking for the lowest bidder, but I am looking for an idea what this’ll cost. It’s not full time, and I could use some examples of stuff you’ve done. No fixed hours, so happy for this to fit around things, with the caveat that we need to rely on this work too.


This is writing bits and bobs for the Film Stories site, and doing some backend work.

  • Two hours a day. I’m flexible as to when, as long as it’s after 12pm. We’ve already got early mornings covered!
  • It’s a mix of uploading articles, writing news stories, arranging social media posts and stuff like that.
  • It’s paid (and that’s thanks to people clicking on adverts/Patreon support and such like). It’s £10 an hour. Don’t do that thing of doing five hours work when you’re asked to do two either. That’ll earn you a Paddington hard stare.
  • It’s work from home.
  • It involves wrestling with WordPress and trying to stay sane.
  • Initially it’s for a month-long trial to see if this makes any difference.
  • I need someone who’s a ninja when it comes to typos and such like. There’s not room in the boat for another person who makes as many mistakes as me! Hate to be that guy, but if your email is full of typos and bits in all sorts of different font sizes, that’s tricky.
  • It’d be useful if you could turn stuff around quickly too.
  • A love of movies helps too. A lot.

If you’re interested and can fit it in, Monday to Friday, then drop me a note with a bit about you and when you could fit this in.  Point me towards something you’ve written too if you can. Send a CV if you really want to, but I’d rather know about you than a list of exams and stuff.


Send over to pitches at filmstories co uk.

It’s only me behind the scenes, so apologies if I can’t reply individually. I do try to, but it’s a bit intense at the moment. No timescales on these. As soon as I find someone, basically, be it ten minutes or ten months. If you’ve applied before and not got in, don’t let me stop you going again. Sadly, I only have limited roles to offer, and am very conscious it leads to good people missing out.

Thank you.


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