Scandalous stories of people trying to sneak into the cinema underage – with not always successful results.

Last week, we ran a story on this very site about a teenager trying to sneak in underage to see Michael Bay’s Bad Boys in the mid-1990s. Obviously it’s a story we wholly disapprove of, and we printed nearly 3000 words of his incredible adventure with copious amounts of tutting.


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We got what could fairly be described as ‘quite a response’ to the story. And one of the offshoots of it was a whole bunch of people telling us their own stories on social media about their attempts to get in to see films that they shouldn’t have been trying to see.

Tut, obvs.

Here are some of our favourites that popped up on our Twitter feed last week. We figure it best to embed the thoughts to give the author’s due credit, even though we run the risk of one of those lovely people changing their Twitter name to ‘Film Stories Suckz’ or something like that. Which would give us something else to tut about.

Here then are the successful stories, the less successful stories, and those stuck somewhere in between…


The successful strategies

The hollow victories


The approaches that didn’t quite work…


Keep these scandalous stories coming. Please know we disapprove of them all etc.

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