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Podcast: The New Mutants (2020) and Bowfinger (1999)

Simon Brew | 7th September 2020
In the new episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, a film finally released nearly three years after filming, and a comedy that was a comeback of sorts for Steve Martin The New Mutants was caught up in reshoots talks, a company takeover, and a rumour that the whole film was going to scrapped and started again

Batman Returns (1992) and Wild Wild West (1999)

Simon Brew | 17th August 2018
1992's Batman Returns saw Tim Burton return to Gotham City, but more on his own terms. However, that didn't necessarily mean things were much easier for him. Meanwhile, 1999's Wild Wild West was, at the time, the most expensive blockbuster the studio had ever produced. And yet even before its release, it seems that Warner Bros was fast losing faith with it.