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Podcast: The New Mutants (2020) and Bowfinger (1999)

Simon Brew | 7th September 2020
In the new episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, a film finally released nearly three years after filming, and a comedy that was a comeback of sorts for Steve Martin The New Mutants was caught up in reshoots talks, a company takeover, and a rumour that the whole film was going to scrapped and started again

Wellbeing Matters: write, not bite!

Jane Roberts | 19th August 2020
In our weekly spot where we natter about mental health and wellbeing, a little chat about Spites, and trying to keep on top of them

Wellbeing Matters: not forgetting to live

Jane Roberts | 12th August 2020
Wellbeing Matters is the part of the site where we stop for a bit and chatter about mental health and how we’re all doing – and this week, about the challenges of 2020